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  • Just like real models, poses on 3D mannequins can highlight clothing from your fashion collections. 
  • Leveraging the benefits of digital art posing can lead to increased agility in the creation process and reduced costs. 
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Fashion model poses have always played a crucial role in accentuating the features of clothing. 

The movements highlight the drape of the fabric, while body language helps convey the intent of the designer who created the garment. 

Thanks to technology, all of this can be achieved in a more sustainable, faster, and more cost-effective way through 3D art posing. 

Discover how in this article. Enjoy your reading! 

Why create mannequins with art posing to showcase your garments? 

The primary goal of art posing is to explore the most flattering angles to showcase the garments in a fashion collection. 

When it comes to digital mannequins, they must appear realistic and have the ability to convey details like colors, textures, movement, drapes, lighting, and shadows. 

The pose can evoke various emotions, aligning with the designer’s vision and the aesthetic of the creation. 

For instance, art posing can communicate confidence and elegance for clothing lines with that aim, or movement and resilience for sportswear lines. 

The advantages are numerous: 

  • Versatility and flexibility: 3D art posing can be done in countless ways, allowing designers to explore a wider range of creative possibilities without the limitations of a physical model. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: compared to traditional photography, 3D posing offers significant cost savings. It eliminates the need for studio rentals, lighting equipment, and fees associated with photographers, stylists, creative directors, and models. 
  • Precision and control: 3D software allows for precise control over the model’s anatomy and posing, enabling the selection of different body types and detailed physical characteristics. 
  • Enhanced visualization: 3D art posing can be used to create realistic simulations of how garments fit on different body types, allowing for more accurate design decisions before developing physical samples. 
  • Team collaboration: improved communication between Style and Design departments through an online environment.
  • Images for Marketing: rendered images of the 3D mannequin can be used to promote your products. 
  • Online fitting room: digital mannequins can be integrated into your e-commerce to enhance the customer experience through a virtual fitting room.  

Overall, 3D art posing has become a very valuable tool in the fashion industry, offering brands a versatile and efficient way to develop and showcase their creations. 

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How to create 3D art posing in the fashion industry? 

Advanced software technology allows the creation of realistic art posing in just a few minutes, thanks to a library of standard poses readily available for use. 

Discover how to utilize them and go beyond, creating unique poses that align perfectly with your garments: 

1) Select the desired mannequin 

Begin by choosing whether you’d like to utilize a human mannequin or an alternative form. If opting for a human mannequin, further specify whether you desire a male or female model. 

Use your creativity by customizing the mannequin’s appearance. Select from a range of options, including colors, metallic effects, textures, hairstyles, and more, to create a unique representation that aligns with your vision. 

Once you’ve personalized your mannequin, delve into the realm of art posing. Explore the vast array of preset poses available, each carefully made to showcase your garments in their most captivating light. 

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2) Create your own poses or import 

3D development software empowers you to create personalized mannequins and dynamic poses that bring your fashion designs to life with precision and realism. 

You can create customized models by adding even more body details and design your clothing creations with complete freedom. 

A range of tools and resources allows you to choose fabrics, colors, and fits to accurately visualize the final result. 

Then, you are ready to import an available pose or create it your own.

Begin by carefully selecting the initial pose that will serve as the foundation for your simulation. It sets the stage for the dynamic movement you will create. 

Next, establish the final one that will complete the movement sequence. This combination of initial and final poses will dictate the full range of motion for your mannequin. 

Utilize the provided tools to create and refine poses by manipulating control points strategically positioned across the mannequin’s articulated body.

Intuitive systems enable you to simulate realistic human movements. 

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3) Save your mannequin 

Once you have created your poses, the software allows you to effortlessly save them for future use. This ensures that you can easily revisit and utilize your carefully designed poses whenever you want. 

Saved poses eliminate the need to recreate arrangements from scratch. Simply recall your saved poses and seamlessly integrate them into your future projects, saving you valuable time and effort. 

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Benefits of creating art posing for your 3D models 

A fashion designer embracing the benefits of art posing.

While we have already explored the overarching advantages of adopting 3D art posing technology for fashion businesses, let’s delve deeper into the specific benefits it offers professionals in their day-to-day work. 

Effortless creation 

The days of hand-drawn sketches, paper patterns, and countless garment samples are fading into the past. 

With 3D technology, fashion designers can streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional products with greater efficiency and sustainability. 

Designers can create intricate garments, experiment with different styles and materials, and visualize the final product in detail, all without the need for physical samples. 

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Design on human or stylized models 

Creating a 3D mannequin is quick and easy. With a few clicks, you can create a model with the characteristics you want, with options beyond human models, like mannequins with robotic effects or even a dog, for example. 

A diverse array of base body forms serves as your starting point, providing a foundation upon which you can unleash your creativity. 

With meticulous precision, mold and refine each feature to align perfectly with your vision. 

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Animated poses 

Beyond creating the perfect art posing, ideal for creating photos to showcase your products, you can also animate your virtual mannequin. 

This unlocks a realm of opportunities to elevate your fashion business. 

For example, you can create a virtual fitting room on your e-commerce platform, enabling customers to visualize your products on a realistic body model. 

It enhances their shopping experience and empowers them to make informed size selections, boosting customer satisfaction, and possibly leading to reduced returns and exchanges. 

Moreover, you can utilize the feature to keep your mannequin in continuous motion, perfect for virtual fashion shows and other dynamic presentations. 

3D animation is useful to create compelling marketing campaigns and strengthen your brand identity. 

Capture the attention of potential customers with eye-catching visuals that showcase your products in a unique and memorable way. 

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Variety of angles 

Experience the possibilities of 3D for comprehensive product visualization. In the realm of product photography, traditional methods often limit the exploration of diverse angles due to budget and time constraints. 

On the other hand, 3D technology empowers you to explore a multitude of angles, showcasing your products from every perspective, even in motion. 

This comprehensive approach unveils the intricate details and versatility of your offerings, captivating potential customers and enhancing their understanding of the product, directly translating into increased sales conversions. 

Realistic visualization 

A woman working with a mannequin using realistic art posing.

The realistic visualization of 3D mannequins offers benefits for both designers and consumers. 

Designers can visualize their creations in a digital environment, eliminating the reliance on paper sketches or fabric samples. 

This freedom allows professionals to explore their creativity without boundaries, as they gain valuable time and resources to focus on their artistic expression. 

Realistic 3D mannequins provide consumers with an accurate and immersive view of how garments will look on the body, encompassing colors, textures, draping, and movement across a diverse range of body shapes, fostering a sense of identification and connection. 

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Showcase your collection in a personalized way with Audaces technology 

Audaces is a market leader fashion technology company and a reference worldwide. By deeply understanding the needs of every stage of fashion creation and production, it has developed digital solutions to meet your demands. 

Audaces Fashion Studio 

Audaces Fashion Studio stands as one of the most groundbreaking innovations within Audaces360, our comprehensive suite of tools for the textile industry. 

Its cutting-edge technology empowers designers to create directly on a 3D mannequin, equipped with tools and functionalities to support every stage of the design process. 

In addition to providing the software, our educational platform offers comprehensive training to guide you through its effective use. 

By streamlining repetitive and time-consuming tasks, Audaces Fashion Studio frees up designers’ time to focus on what truly matters: creating stunning and innovative apparel. 

Its intuitive interface and powerful features enable you to meticulously examine fit, drape, and movement across a diverse range of body types and experiment with fabrics, colors, textures, and prints.  

Audaces Fashion Studio goes beyond traditional design, enabling the creation of groundbreaking videos that can be transformed into virtual fashion shows. 

These immersive experiences delight audiences with the seamless blend of technology and design, showcasing collections in a captivating and innovative manner. 

Audaces 3D 

Audaces 3D empowers fashion professionals to elevate their designs by providing an intuitive tool for testing and sewing digital patterns. 

By visualizing the drape and fit of garments with unparalleled precision, you can identify areas for refinement and make adjustments with ease. 

Once a garment is finalized, Audaces 3D enables the creation of mannequins in a variety of poses, allowing the showcase of designs from multiple angles. 

These rendered images can be utilized in Marketing and Sales materials, captivating customers with the power of digital visualization. 

By simplifying the design and production process with Audaces 3D your company can take collections to market with unprecedented speed. 

The elimination of physical samples and the efficiency of digital pattern testing allow for quick responses to market trends and customer demands. 

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Why create mannequins with art posing to showcase your garments?

The primary goal of art posing is to explore the most flattering angles to showcase the garments in a fashion collection.

How to create 3D art posing in the fashion industry?

Select the desired mannequin, create your own poses or import, and save your mannequin.

What are the benefits of creating art posing for your 3D models?

Effortless creation, design on human or stylized models, animated poses, variety of angles, and realistic visualization.

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