About Us

Reference in innovation

Technology in the entire world, with more than 20 products developed for the fashion market.

Audaces is a world reference in technological innovation for fashion. For over 30 years, we’ve been developing easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain solutions that accelerate fashion creation, development, and production. We are audacious, our intelligence also meets the needs of other industries, such as upholstery, footwear, furniture and other flexible materials. We are partners and facilitators; we know that each client has a challenge, so we offer solutions that adapt to different needs. We are global, leaders in Latin America and we are present in more than 70 countries around the world, currently more than 40,000 fashion professionals use Audaces solutions daily.

Our goal is to help your company to
produce more and better.

Regardless of size, style or geographic location, with Audaces solutions your company can increase productivity, upgrade the products quality and save resource.


Driving Customer Success through Industry 4.0


To be a world reference in innovative technology, reliable services, generators of value to the market.

Quality Policy

Offer products with innovative technology and reliable services that generate value and growth for the flexible materials industry, apparel makers, model makers, stylists, students, educational institutions and service providers in the fashion market, ensuring their satisfaction . Management processes and systems must be continuously improved, with a focus on operational efficiency.

“The future belongs to those who innovate every day, to those who venture into new businesses. In this Audaces believes, this is the reason for its existence.”
Claudio Grando
Presidente de Audaces

Educational Institutions

We are in the largest fashion teaching institutions around the world.


We are in the biggest fashion teaching institutions around the world.

Finalist in MAKE Award Brasil

FINEP Innovation Award

Innovation Award, IMB – Alemania, con Audaces Tower Jet

Launch Audaces Tower Jet

Featured as one of the 10 greatest Brazilian innovations of the last decade at the VII Anpei Conference

Audaces Digiflash selected among the ten most innovative products in Brazil in the last decade in a study carried out by Monitor Group, in partnership with Exame Magazine