Audaces Cutting Room

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Audaces innovations were designed to anticipate the future of the Fashion Industry 4.0, in which every process management can be made with integrated and accurate data, provided by intelligent hardware in real time and remote access. This means that your production can literally be in the palm of your hand, on your smartphone, for example. It’s the Internet of Things coming to your industry. With tight deadlines, demands for new products and an increasingly competitive market, the fashion industry needs to adapt and respond quickly to these changes. When we talk about cutting, delivering on time and perfectly cut pieces, we talk about Audaces Neocut Bravo.

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Audaces Cutting Room

Countless possibilities

Integration is the concept, efficiency is the goal and productivity is the result

The innovations promoted by Audaces do not simply come from new technologies. It is the result of practical monitoring of our customers’ daily production, listening to suggestions from those who work intensively to improve processes and results. Audaces is present in all production cycles, from creation to execution, and can compare data and improve systems. Each automation process is unique, but it uses all the experience and knowledge we have gained. The support we give you does not end with the purchase. You become an Audaces partner, owner of the technology, and you will be able to have your hardware and systems always up to date. Count on our experts to make the right decision and reach and exceed your goals. Our goal is the sustainability of your business.

Cutting Room


Automatic fabric spreader


Multivalent spreader table

Audaces ICF

Intelligent Cutting Flow

Neocut Bravo

Automatic cutting machine

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