Lines with quality and speed!

Design printing at lightspeed

For companies striving for excellence in their processes, having this plotter in their facilities is essential. With Jet Lux, perfect lines can be effortlessly created, saving both time and resources.

Why choose Jet Lux?

Explore the advantages of using Audaces Jet Lux

Specialized technical support

Economical and extremely silent operation

Print cartridges with the best cost-benefit ratio

Automatic voltage system​

Empty cartridge and paper out sensors

Automatic voltage system


Audaces Jet Lux

Printing widths options:

120, 185, and 225 cm


70 and 100 m²/h

Paper thickness:

40 g/m² to 80 g/m²



Entry tension:

90 V ~ 240 V

Maximum power consumption:

150 V

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