Machine 4.0: Artificial Intelligence ensuring productivity and cutting quality.

The fashion world's smartest
and safest cutting machine

Audaces Neocut Bravo represents the convergence of the most advanced technologies of Industry 4.0. This machine ensures timely productions aligned with your company’s objectives, providing accurate data automatically for informed decision-making. Continuous monitoring of operational conditions enables remote maintenance, diagnosis, and swift issue resolution. Harness the power of Neocut Bravo’s intelligence integrated into the Neocut Mobile app to prevent losses and expedite production. 

Why choose Neocut Bravo?

Explore the advantages of using Audaces Neocut Bravo

Cutter head functions like a real electronic brain

Zero spacing and high-quality cuts 

Robustness for cutting heavy materials and delicacy for light fabrics

Emphasis on safety

Intuitive and straightforward operation

Best cost-benefit ratio in the market


Audaces Neocut Bravo


Compliant with the security norm NR12

Cutting height:

Available in versions up to 5 cm and 7 cm of comprised spread

Cutting window:

180 cm x 175 cm / 180 cm x 210 cm / 210 cm x 210 cm

Electric specifications:

Three-phase 380 V, 50/60 Hz

Pneumatic specifications:

150 I/min (6 bar)


Ethernet / Wireless

Cutting maximum speed:

100 m/min


Less than 75 dB

Average energy consumption:

9 kW

Approximated weight:

3,200 kg

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