Privacy Policy

Initial Statement 
AUDACES acknowledges the significance of privacy and information security in a world of dynamic and transnational relations marked by the great data volume transiting though new technologies. This Privacy Policy states AUDACES and its affiliates commitment to the straight observation of personal data protection laws from the European Union (GDPR – Regulation 17/679) and from Federative Republic of Brazil (LGPD – Law 13709/18). 

This Privacy Policy Statement is hereby pledged by the following companies: AUDACES AUTOMAÇÃO E INFORMÁTICA LTDA (CNPJ: 85.236.743/0001-18), AUDACES EUROPE SRL (Partita IVA: 02468200221). 

This privacy policy is specifically conceived to activities that may involve personal data treatment in our web services, such as websites, hot pages and other portals. 


Personal Data Treatment 

AUDACES states that might treat strictly necessary personal data on the purpose of register into its systems and web platforms, such as name, e-mail address, phone number, employer, professional occupation, professional address, business interests and IP address. 

Beyond above registering data, AUDACES states that it might collect indirect personal data related to our websites access, which are obtained automatically by our systems, without voluntary action of the user, such as geolocation, IP Address… 

Data Processing Objective 

Personal data collect by AUDACES will be treated in full conformity to the european and brazilian data protection laws on the solely purpose of attending the following objectives: 

(a) products and services promotion, as for new functions, updates, prices e contract policies changes, and any other relevant information related to the interest registered in our websites; 

(b) to the AUDACES products and services related content publishing and advertising; 

(c) studying user interaction with our online communications channels, in order to improve user experience and offer better ways of navigating through our content and develop new ways of communicating; 

(d) establishing identification standards of registered users in our web platforms and systems; 

(e) preventing and identifying fraud attempts against AUDACES, users and third parties; 

(f) allow regular executions of systems and platforms functions, on the interest of its users; 

(g) Complying and attending to the AUDACES obligations to its users, such as services support, assistance, report emissions, data hosting and others stated in contract. 

(h) improve user experience and develop new and better functions on the website and systems. 


Data Processing 

By collecting personal data, AUDACES commits to storing it with secure conditions and technological structure, by applying advanced technical standards e measures of information security and data protection. 

Personal Data will be made stored for at least 6 (six) months to conform to Brazilian Internet Legal Statute and might continue for as long as AUDACES and its users relations persist. 

Personal data collected and used by AUDACES will be secured through a strict access control, with information security measures conceived to limit the data access solely to those in AUDACES who effectively have authorization to its use according to personal data processing objectives stated in this policy. 

Although its concerns to the best and newest practices in information security and data protection, AUDACES can not guarantee absolute avoidance of harmful incidents. For this, AUDACES claims no responsibility for user negligence of its information, or for third parties malicious activities. AUDACES will not be made responsible of security incidents or data breaches damages repair or recover, when related to third party invasion, user negligence, unknown flaws and vulnerabilities, unless deliberate action or guilty conduct proven related to AUDACES or its employees. 


Data Sharing 

User personal data will not be shared by AUDACES and affiliates to third parties, unless it is necessary to the following objectives: 

(a) Corporate succession, such as incorporation, merger and acquisition; 

(b) third party data processing services, as data hosting, data operation, cloud computing, information technology services, telecommunication services, delivery services, marketing content deployment, events management, billing, financial services and travel services. 

In the case of third party access do personal data under direction and strict orders of AUDACES, the use of data will be subject to total engagement to confidentiality and compliance to privacy and data protection laws, as for the European General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), to be expressed in formal terms or in privacy statement with legal compromise value. 

The user should know that AUDACES is legally enforced to share data of its users in the case of request by courts, police authorities and, eventually, regulators. AUDACES will not make this data available without previous confirmation of the authenticity e legitimacy of the notice or request order, by the authorities itself. 


International Data Transfer 

It is possible that data processing by AUDACES might evolve personal data processing of citizen from the European Union (EU) or from the European Economic Community (EEC) in Brazilian territory, where AUDACES has business operation. Other data processors acting under directions of AUDACES might as well operate outside of the EU or the EEC. AUDACES assures that these processors will be called to engage on observing and complying to the privacy and data protection standards, specially to Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). AUDACES declares that will demand from these third parties formal commitment to the standard clauses eventually defined by the EU data protection authority for the cases of international data sharing. 

When aware and accordingly to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy, the user declares its unequivocal and express consent to the eventual personal data sharing to authority officials in obedience to notices of request, when legitimate, even if by authorities outside of the EU or EEC. AUDACES inform that personal consent might be considered unnecessary when data sharing is related to obedience to law enforcement. 


Use of Cookies 

AUDACES recognize the use of cookies in order to improve its users experience when navigating through our online platforms. Cookies are small archives sent by AUDACES and installed into your internet browser. These archives allow identification of the internet terminal, of the user identity, and makes possible to personalize the navigating experience, to register access and activities in our portals, as well as registering orders and interests. 

AUDACES makes use of cookies for the following purposes: 

(a) Authentication and security; 

(b) personalized content and advertising management; 

(c) offering services and products; 

(d) website analytics, statistics and performance. 

AUDACES hereby declares that both proprietary cookies as for third party cookies are used under the adoption of the best information security and data protection practices. 

The use of cookies by AUDACES is previously authorized by the user in the event of its first access to our platforms and website. These authorizations might be subject to revision and modified at any time. AUDACES clarifies that by blocking some or all of those cookies might impact the regular experience of navigation or use of the resources in our platforms. Some of our pages, content and resources might not be available to the user when some or all of the cookies are not allowed by the user. 


Personal Data Owner Rights 

AUDACES is committed to allow its users legitimate access to its personal data eventually collected and treated in our activities. Aside the right to personal data access, AUDACES guarantee its users the following rights: 

(a) the right to rectify personal data; 

(b) the right to move personal data to other platforms (portability), when possible; 

(c) the right to oppose to personal data treatment, even when previously consented. 

(d) the right to personal data elimination, unless the data should be kept stored in obedience to legal duty or to eventual use in litigation of any nature. 

AUDACES declares that, once finished the relation with the users, or as soon as revoked previous consent for personal data processing, all personal information, of any kind, eventually collected and stored in AUDACES servers and/or archives, will be discarded, save for the data necessary to obedience to legal duty of eventually useful in litigation of any nature. 


Personal Data Disclaimer 

AUDACES will not be made responsible for the user negligence of its own personal data. AUDACES liability will be limited to the result of the technical and management measures adopted to provide information security and data protection. It is on the user duty to care about the confidentiality of information related to access and operation of our systems, platforms and website, such as login information, passwords, tokens, Encryption-Key and any other security solution eventually adopted by AUDACES. 


Contact, Questions and Requests 

For requests, questions e clarifications of any nature related to personal data processing and to the terms of this privacy policy, AUDACES makes it available our data privacy channel, to be contacted by mail ( or by phone (+55 48 2107-3737). 

To a more detailed contact related to privacy, data protection and information security, questions and requests might be directed to our Data Protection Officer, Mr. Jean Marcel Cassol, by e-mail ( phone (+55 48 2107-3737) or letter addressed to (Rodovia SC 401, KM 01, Nr 867 – João Paulo – Florianópolis/SC – Brasil). 

Updated: July 30th, 2019.