The most complete system solution for the Fashion Industry.

Ciclo Audaces360

We are Audacious

That’s why we created Audaces360, an innovative concept that integrates productive and creative steps to make your collection successful. A complete solution for you to generate more results, optimizing talents and creative resources through information and practicality. In the fashion industry, every company has a great challenge: to be assertive in design and profitable in production. Audaces360 is the ultimate multi-solution you need for your business to reach and overcome this challenge.


Countless possibilities

Now, the power to transform the fashion industry is in your hands

Libera la tua immaginazione e disegna capi incredibili direttamente al computer. Con Audaces360 e la tecnologia 4.0, realizzare le tue idee subito dopo averle immaginate, direttamente su un manichino tridimensionale. Unleash your imagination and design incredible virtual clothes on the computer. With Audaces360, using technology 4.0, you create accessories executing your ideas within minutes of idealization, directly from a three-dimensional mannequin.


Your Fashion PLM.


Create with spec sheets and automated preliminary costing.

Fashion Studio

Develop your virtual designs.

Multiply your productivity and reduce costs with Audaces360

Your design is in the digital age with Audaces360. Develop high-quality, accurate designs dynamically, regardless of complexity, directing from the computer, scanning the design or extracting the virtual pre-design. Solutions that guarantee an exquisite execution of your collection.


The solution that every designer wants to have in their hands.


Digitize the design in a flash with absolute precision.

Digiflash Device

Digitalize design with the practicality of our board.

Digiflash XT Device

Even more agile and robust pattern scanning.

Have excellent markers with maximum use of the fabric

Raw material has a relevant weight in clothing prices and optimizing this resource is essential to achieve large-scale profitability. Saving time can mean meeting deadlines and increasing the speed of launching collections. Audaces360 has plug-in options that save time and raw materials by managing and processing marking queues sent by one or more computers. Saving centimetres of fabric turn into meters of profit.


Saving centimetres to profit meters.


Exceed your earnings with the right coprocessor.

Neocut Bravo

Machine 4.0: Artificial Intelligence ensuring productivity and cutting quality.

Audaces ICF

Intelligence and efficiency for the Cutting Room 4.0.

Jet Lux

Line plotter.

Neocut SL

High quality custom and exclusive cuts.


Spreads quickly and accurately, you’re always one step ahead.


Efficient and robust spreading table.

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Create with spec sheets and automated preliminary costing.

Fashion Studio

A tool for you to enter a new dimension.


Create with spec sheets and automated preliminary costing.
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