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  • Free sewing patterns can be an excellent resource for garments. 
  • It’s not always necessary to create them as they are, but they can be used as a basis for customization. 
  • Enhance the variety and success of your patterns. Try Audaces360 multisolution for free. 

Creating clothing patterns from scratch can be challenging for beginners, which is why many companies end up using free sewing patterns. 

These patterns serve as a guide for cutting and sewing the garments. Explore the reasons to use them, their advantages, and how technology can be an ally in this process. 

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Why should you use free sewing patterns in your collection?

The pattern is the foundation for creating a garment, and therefore, its creation is fundamental. Paper patterns represent fabric scraps that shape a garment, determining its outcome and wearability. 

Traditionally, paper patterns were, as the name suggests, made of paper. With the advent of CAD systems, there is now the possibility of creating digital models directly on the computer. 

This practice offers several advantages, including the ability to save and easily locate patterns, eliminating the risk of paper wear, and the opportunity to reuse and modify them as needed with just a few clicks. 

Free sewing patterns are an excellent opportunity, especially in the early stages, as they can be modified according to needs. 

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4 advantages of using free sewing patterns in your collection 

A good pattern is the key to the success of a garment, determining its comfort and fit. 

Using free sewing patterns is an excellent opportunity for those in the fashion industry, both for beginners and experienced professionals. 

Here are the main advantages of this resource: 

Save time and fabric

Having a ready-made model significantly reduces development time and the fabric needed to test a pattern. Free sewing patterns have usually been studied and tested by other pattern makers, meeting aesthetic and usability requirements. 

The ready-made pattern will be necessarily copied as it is but can be used as a base to be customized with fabric or any modifications and adaptations, saving a considerable amount of time. 

A greater variety of models 

Developing a pattern from scratch takes a long time and a lot of attempts. The fast pace of the market makes it necessary to continually produce new collections, with the constant fear of falling behind the competition. 

That’s why it’s not always easy to create new models in a limited time frame. Free sewing patterns are an excellent opportunity to offer a greater variety of models to your customers. 

And a wider choice usually also translates into greater sales success! 

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Women creating garments with ready-made garment patterns

Standardization of brand products 

To be recognized by its customers, each brand must have a clear identity. That’s why it’s often useful to define and offer some standardized items capable of surviving trends and seasons. We’re talking about timeless pieces offered by brands that never go out of fashion. 

Free sewing patterns can be used as a base to identify your timeless garments, to experiment, and to structure your brand’s identity. 

Assistance for beginners 

Developing a pattern from scratch requires many skills. It requires reconciling multiple techniques, knowing the fabric well, developing excellent manual skills, as well as knowing the calculations needed to define the sizes. 

Beginners and small-scale productions, where a single person handles pattern making and production, may find this process challenging. 

That’s why free sewing patterns can be a good resource to gain familiarity and confidence from the beginning. Once you understand the rules and acquire the necessary skills, you can proceed to create your patterns. 

Where can you find free sewing patterns? 

Person creating garments with ready-made garment patterns

We’ve seen that free sewing patterns can be a very useful resource for clothing producers, for various reasons. 

Now let’s look at some websites where you can find them: 

Fashion schools

Fashion schools often offer resources for students and industry professionals. Check if the school has a pattern library or if there’s any online program associated with the school that provides access to such resources.


SewCanShe is a website specializing in free sewing patterns. On it, you can find information on how to acquire the patterns. 

Mood Fabrics 

Mood Fabrics is an online store that offers free sewing patterns as part of its service. Through the online store, you can acquire ready-made patterns for garment making. 

Just Patterns 

On the Just Patterns website, you can check the availability of patterns for purchase or download. 


Selfmade is a family-owned business with shops throughout Europe. Stoff&Stil, now Selfmade, has over 40 years of experience buying the best fabrics at the most favourable prices. 


Audaces offers a kit of free templates to those who subscribe to their software plans Audaces360 Pro and Enterprise. These patterns can be used in Audaces Pattern, a clear and intuitive tool even for pattern makers unfamiliar with technology. A great resource for practical use! 

Use ready templates or create new ones with Audaces technology 

Free sewing patterns are an excellent opportunity for both beginners and those who want a foundation to start and customize. 

Technology can be an excellent ally in the creation or management of digital patterns. Audaces solutions offer various possibilities to pattern makers and allow them to elevate the quality of their results! 

Audaces Pattern 

Audaces Pattern is the simplest and most intuitive CAD modeling software on the market. Developed based on the needs of pattern makers, it provides all the necessary tools to create your own patterns from scratch or modify them from imported or digitized bases. 

With Audaces Pattern, you can create your patterns 70% faster than other software. Additionally, size development occurs with just a few clicks, following system parameters, or entering your own. A true revolution! 

Audaces 3D 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that digital tools can support the creation of designs like never before. Audaces 3D, for example, allows sewing designs and simulating their fit on a 3D avatar, creating digital prototypes without wasting fabric and other raw materials. 

A significant reduction in development times and the possibility of creating digital collections for a more fluid and less stressful workflow! 

Understand how the technology works:  


What are free sewing patterns for garment making? 

Free sewing patterns are digital paper templates provided by magazines, websites, and blogs that can be downloaded and used for free. 

What benefits can they bring to those who use them? 

The advantages are numerous: time and fabric savings, a greater variety of models, standardization of brand pieces, and support for beginners. 

Where can I find free sewing patterns?

You can find them on various websites and platforms; here are some: Fashion schools, SewCanShe, Mood Fabrics, Just Patterns, Selfmade, or by acquiring the Audaces software. 

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