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  • The advancement of technology in the apparel industry continues to rapidly evolve, ranging from fabric creation to fashion brands sales;
  • Incorporating digital resources into your business can increase agility and efficiency throughout aspects such as management, production, and more;
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The union of technology and fashion is increasingly apparent. Not only is this evident in fashion shows, but it’s also clear in the creation of innovative fabrics, enhanced sales techniques, efficient production processes, and agile fashion brands’ management.

Technology has instigated continual advancements in the fashion industry, while also motivating brands to harness its capabilities to increase their competitive edge in the market.

By employing automation, brands can minimize errors in large orders, resulting in fewer reworks and more accurate deliveries.

The significance of technology in this field is highlighted in the following article, where we will show you 10 fashion brands utilizing technology to stand out.

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Why should fashion brands invest in technology?

Because in a competitive industry like fashion, technology can be a game-changer.

By embracing innovative tools and processes, fashion brands can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance collaboration across departments.

Technological solutions can also help you reduce errors, increase security, and optimize resources, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality products and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect personalized experiences, and technology can help you meet those expectations.

So, if you’re looking to differentiate yourself from the crowd, build brand loyalty, and grow your business, it’s time to start investing in technology.

10 brands that employ Audaces technologies

For over 30 years, Audaces has been empowering fashion brands (and many others) in Brazil and around the globe, helping them stay ahead of the curve and connect with the consumers of the future.

Here are some inspiring success stories from companies in the industry that have partnered with Audaces to boost their business:

1) Morena Rosa

Founded in 1993, Morena Rosa has become one of the leading women’s clothing brands in Brazil, renowned for its unique blend of classic styles and fashion trends that showcase creativity and femininity while staying true to the essence of the Brazilian woman.

Alongside its clothing line, Morena Rosa also produces accessories that add sophistication, color, and tropical vibes to any outfit, making them perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

To keep up with its growing success, Morena Rosa turned to Audaces and its cutting-edge technology, such as the Audaces Neocut machine. With Audaces, the company has been able to work with increased agility and reliability throughout its processes.

But Morena Rosa isn’t the only brand under the Morena Rosa Group’s umbrella that benefits from Audaces technology. Zinco, Maria Valentina, and Joy Beach have all embraced Audaces to enhance their operations and deliver high-quality products to customers.

If you’re curious to learn more about the partnership between Grupo Morena Rosa and Audaces, check out the video below! Make sure to activate the subtitles:

2) Água de Coco

From Fortaleza/Ceará, Brazil, Água de Coco is a renowned brand that has been providing customers with top-notch beachwear for over 35 years.

Created by stylist Liana Thomaz, the brand prides itself on its exceptional quality and unique identity, incorporating a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that embody the spirit of the Northeast of Brazil and the country as a whole.

But Água de Coco doesn’t stop at swimwear. The brand has expanded into homeware or home fashion, offering customers even more opportunities to showcase their style and sophistication.

Água de Coco has turned to Audaces and its powerful Audaces360 multi-solution system. With it, the brand’s entire production system is fully interconnected, generating less rework and more effective communication between departments.

Thanks to the Audaces ecosystem, Água de Coco produces over 40,000 items every month with ease and precision.

3) 2Rios

Since 1990, 2Rios has been a lingerie brand that elevates the self-esteem of its customers while promoting sustainability and reducing the industry’s environmental impact.

2Rios delivers timeless designs that prioritize comfort and durability with the help of the cutting-edge technology of Audaces360 and Audaces Cutting Room.

Alongside Audaces, 2Rios has enjoyed a wide range of benefits that have helped the brand grow.

Want to learn more about 2Rios’ inspiring journey? Then be sure to check out our success story’s video and discover how this lingerie brand has been succeeding:

4) Labellamafia 

Established in 2007 in Santa Catarina, Labellamafia set out to transform the fitness industry by providing premium fitness wear to customers worldwide. Initially, the company focused on creating pieces for bodybuilders but soon expanded its reach to include a wide range of sports enthusiasts.

To support its mission of delivering high-performance fitness wear, Labellamafia relies on the Audaces360 ecosystem, which provides a comprehensive suite of software tools to streamline everything from collection organization to product modeling.

Additionally, the company benefits from the Audaces Cutting Room, which enables efficient and accurate production.

Interested in learning more about Labellamafia’s innovative processes enhanced by Audaces technologies? Check out our video now (please, remember to activate the subtitles):

5) Sitland Spa

In a phase of corporate innovation, Sitland, an esteemed manufacturer of office chairs and collective spaces, has decided to focus on a long-term strategy towards complete process integration, with a 360° approach, beginning from order inclusion through to part production.

To achieve this goal, Sitland Spa has taken the first step of purchasing the Audaces Neocut Bravo cutting machine, followed by the Audaces Linea automatic spreader.

Within just a few months of implementation, the productivity has significantly increased, by 20%-25%. Additionally, these machines can operate for up to 16 hours per day, while being monitored in real-time.

Furthermore, technology has allowed the company to offer customized production, while expanding the range of materials and fabrics processed, thanks to the remarkable potential offered by the machines.

6) PatBo

PatBo is the “soul” of Patrícia Bonaldi, a fashion designer and creative director who imbues the brand with a unique sense of femininity.

Since its inception in 2012, PatBo has swiftly made a name for itself in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. PatBo’s collections strike a balance between sophistication and casualness with a dash of fashionista flair, effortlessly transitioning between everyday wear, denim, and evening wear.

PatBo has partnered with Audaces Attiva, a bespoke service that offers end-to-end smart solutions, from collection ideation to precision cutting.

7) Farm 

Farm was founded with the aim of adding more color to people’s wardrobes. However, as it gained national and international prominence, the brand began to incorporate the essence of Brazilian culture into its designs through unique prints, vibrant colors, and bold shapes.

In addition to creating fashion that reflects the tropical spirit, the brand is also committed to sustainability.

By using Audaces software, Farm is able to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to a greener planet.

8) Degrade

Degrade has been a major player in the denim fashion industry for over 27 years. What started as a clothing service provider has now evolved into a successful Industry 4.0 case, producing approximately 520,000 pieces every month.

The company’s focus has always been to provide customers with quality products at affordable prices.

Audaces360 and Sala Corte 4.0 have been instrumental in helping Degrade achieve its sustainability goals. With these innovative solutions, the company has not only been able to reduce fabric waste but also experienced a rapid growth of 13%.

Learn more about Degrade’s success story:

9) CMC Home & Design

A specialized company in nautical and upholstery products, CMC Home & Design has been working alongside Audaces for more than a decade, utilizing cutting-edge software and machinery to manage its processes, from creation to production.

By leveraging the features of Audaces technology, CMC Home & Design has successfully improved the overall quality of its finished products. In addition, the company has established better customer relations by delivering high-quality products on time and meeting customer requirements.

10) Márcio May

A brand founded by a former Olympic athlete, Márcio May Sports was established to provide cyclists with technologically advanced clothing for comfortable sports practice.

By partnering with Sala de Corte 4.0 and Audaces360, the company has reduced 90% of cutting errors, resulting in cost savings and optimal use of fabrics.

Learn more about this successful collaboration between Audaces and Márcio May, which has exceeded expectations! Don’t forget to activate the subtitles:

Bonus: Alexandre Herchcovitch

In August 2022, the Audaces and Alexandre Herchcovitch partnership was announced. Herchcovitch is a highly creative Brazilian stylist who is globally recognized for his daring designs and audacity.

He will act as both our national and international spokesperson and serve as a creative consultant in the Research and Development division of Audaces software.

Having already incorporated Audaces360 into his workflow, Herchcovitch can now visualize his digital creations in three-dimensional and hyper-realistic avatars throughout the entire design and modeling process.

Discover more about this exciting and successful collaboration between two leading names in the fashion industry. Active the subtitles in english:

The benefits of incorporating technology into fashion production

In today’s competitive fashion industry, incorporating technological resources into your business can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Here are some of the benefits you can gain:

  • Enhanced competitive edge;
  • Resource savings;
  • Time optimization;
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Process automation;
  • Faster deliveries;
  • And much more!

Digitize your production like leading brands do

Audaces is a Brazilian company and world reference innovation and technology for many top fashion brands.

For over 30 years, it has been providing user-friendly solutions that accelerate the creation, development, and production of fashion items.

Audaces’ tools are also tailored to meet the needs of other industries, including footwear, furniture, and upholstery.

Join the ranks of leading fashion brands and benefit from Audaces’ solutions, which include cutting-edge software and machines that revolutionize the way you work:

Cutting Room

Developed by Audaces, the Cutting Room is the most complete system solution for the fashion industry, putting production at your fingertips.

It provides an innovative way to manage the cutting of pieces with precision and integration, thanks to intelligent equipment that delivers real-time data and remote access.

The Cut Room includes the following equipment:


A comprehensive technology platform designed to transform the fashion industry, Audaces360 integrates the creative and productive stages, offering more accuracy and profitability to your clothing production.

With this multi-solution, you can take advantage of innovative tools that optimize resources, integrate information, and improve communication between areas.

Discover the features that compose this ecosystem, which has been changing the fashion industry:

Download our free e-book and learn how Audaces360 can drive your digital transformation in the apparel industry:


Why is it important for fashion brands to invest in technology?

Investing in technology can give fashion brands a competitive edge by increasing efficiency in management, development, production, and sales processes.

What are the benefits of incorporating technological resources into fashion production?

By incorporating technology, fashion brands can enjoy benefits such as gaining a competitive advantage, saving resources, optimizing time, improving production efficiency, automating processes, and offering fast deliveries.

What kinds of technological resources are fashion brands seeking?

In 2022, businesses that invested in e-commerce experienced a turnover that was 785% higher Fashion brands that prioritize technology are looking for software that spans from creating garments in a 3D environment to achieving the perfect fit to save both time and material.

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