Spreads quickly and accurately, you're always one step ahead.

Audaces Linea

High productivity is
what this machine does

The Audaces Linea automatic spreader can accelerate your production. With
it, it is possible to program several spreads for the same day with a simple
touch on the touch screen of the machine. Your projects and your company
will have much more dynamism and autonomy, raising the standards of your
products, as well as your profits.

Why choose Linea?

Check the advantages of using Audaces Linea

Tension control

Spread quality



High performance in different spreads

Low-cost maintenance




Audaces Linea

Useful work width:

up to 180 and 220 cm

Maximum roll diameter:

60cm and 80cm

Maximum roll weight:

versions up to 100 and 200 kg

Odd spread heigh:

22 cm

Zigzag spread height:

12 cm

Maximum speed:

100 m/min

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