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Homewear and sleepwear: trends to keep an eye on in times of social isolation

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How are we dressing at home? Learn more about homewear and sleepwear, the new trends that are dominating Instagram and Pinterest

Stay at home if possible. Wear masks when going out and practicing social distancing. This is the new reality that the world has faced since the beginning of 2020. Among the challenges, social isolation was a necessary habit to stop the contagion and, therefore, we need to adapt.


In the months that followed the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hashtag #stayathome was used more than 17 million times on Instagram, in photos of people in their homes or in nostalgic publications about a time when they were in social contact.

Home sweet home, office and classroom

And if there was any doubt about the relevance of the home office, social isolation brought to the reality of more people the need to incorporate it into their work routines.


And it does not seem to be a passing thing: recent studies indicate that a good part of the companies intend to maintain the home office, even in the post-pandemic, a decision that considers new health habits and social distance, besides the reduction of expenses with physical spaces.


For those who can stay at home, adapting to social isolation is an exercise in empathy with others and an opportunity to delimit their own space, also practicing self-care.


At least two years ago, with the home office blending into the intimate setting of the living room, a transition from the office dress code (which in many companies was already much less formal) to more comfortable clothing was expected. and practical, without losing the visual appeal.


Comfort and beauty, in fact, is the premise of two fashion trends: homewear and sleepwear. Keep reading to learn more!


Homewear or “stay-at-home clothes”, redesigned 

Life in the loop of social detachment, strategic outlets for supermarkets and pharmacies and new work routines, studies, home care craves less change of clothes and more cosiness, from decor to the look of the day. It is at this moment that the concept of homewear or loungewear starts to hit social networks.


But different from what it may sound like, homewear is not about clothes that we no longer wear for work or leisure and that are “retired” and used at home. On the contrary!


The homewear trend is towards comfortable pieces, with a minimalist design and cuts that dress well, from the rest hours to the home office, being super suitable for appearing in video calls from work.


Homewear clothes include sweatshirts, cardigans, flowing pants and blouses, jackets for cold days, leggings, more minimalist modeling dresses and midi or long skirts. Forget tight jeans or the super formal button-down shirt: here, the rule is to let go of changing clothes for different occasions.


If our home has become our workplace and study, there is nothing more fair than unifying looks and betting on versatility, right? Look that:




  • The trend brings comfort in shirts, cardigans, skirts and pants with designs that provide the comfort of being at home.


  • Friendly fabrics such as linen or cotton, in addition to knitting, combine very well with the concept of homewear. The sweatshirt comes redesigned, with details that make the piece versatile even for the job.



  • The simplicity and comfort of the homewear are in tune with the dress code of a video call work meeting in the middle of the day or that quick exit to the supermarket, without having to change clothes.



  • It also contributes to the productivity of the day, after all, changing from pajamas to clean, comfortable clothes helps to activate the mind before starting the home office routine.


Brands like Stella McCartney and the Brazilian company Básico have already developed the concept in their recent collections and there are specialists betting on homewear as a style that will remain with us even in the post-pandemic.


Sleepwear: versatility, beauty and comfort

As well as lingerie, which went out of anonymity under the clothes and started to integrate the looks, mixing sensuality and modernity, sleepwear leaves the restricted place of “sleeping clothes” and gains fun, modern versions, with patterns and fabrics that allow the I use it even during my daily life at home, without that “I just got out of bed” look.



Sleepwear, in fact, is a trend that comes and goes, starting with the authenticity of Coco Chanel, who wore nightgowns and pajamas with her pearls to go around and even ride.


Like homewear, the keywords here are comfort, practicality and versatility. But, going beyond the minimalism and the natural fibers of the homewear, sleepwear takes on an air of sophistication, like a luxury for those who haven’t been out of the house for a while, but want to feel neat and elegant for themselves.



Satin, silk and other sophisticated fabrics enter the dance, in nightgowns, pajama sets with pants and shirt, slippers with stones, among other elements of style.

Vivid colors or pastels, prints and modern models have transformed the classic pajamas into a fashion piece worthy of a parade in the living room and photo on Instagram!

What’s up? How about betting on these two trends in the next collections?

Before you start, learn more about the types of fabric and get inspired by our color wheel content, to dare in the color combination.

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