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  • Trendsetters mean “trend creators” and refer to the most influential professionals in the fashion world. 
  • Paying attention to the work of trendsetters allows you to launch collections in tune with the changes in this market. 
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The people most attuned to the future are those responsible for creating it. That’s why it is so important to keep an eye on trendsetters and their work.

The innovations these professionals bring resonate worldwide and mark an era. 

Knowing the past and present of trendsetting allows you to understand how trends work and even predict where it’s going. Those who stay tuned to social media, follow the most important names, and pay attention to news are prepared to launch cutting-edge collections. 

Check below what trendsetters are, how they emerged, and some names that redirected the evolution of fashion. Also, find out how you can pursue a career in trendsetting and show that your creative ideas can revolutionize concepts. 

Enjoy your reading! 

What are trendsetters, and how did they emerge? 

Trendsetters are the ones who think, create, and even dress with avant-garde ideas, redefining old concepts. They must also be influential enough for these ideas to spread massively. 

However, you don’t need to be a millionaire designer to be a trendsetter. Even early-career digital influencers, if they capture the audience and create a buzz, can dictate trends. However, trendsetting became more democratic with the internet era.  

The origin of this movement dates to the 20th century. At this time, while mass production was growing in the American fashion industry, French haute couture still focused on leading fashion among the wealthy. Paris was a cultural meeting point for designers, artists, and writers. 

Through the exchange of ideas and the connection between professionals from both countries, an exceptional atmosphere was created, necessary for innovation in fashion.

In this scenario, some designers dominated the scene by capturing the spirit of their time and translating it into highly acceptable fashion, creating trends. 

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The career of trendsetting 

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for innovating and becoming a trendsetter. It is precise because there is no ready-made answer that those who can find their standout. However, some tips can help start this search. 

According to Valerie Chan, a Forbes board member, there are four tips to stop being a trend follower and become a creator. They apply to any market, including the fashion industry. 

Check out the tips, adapted for the fashion world: 

  • Identify a gap in the market: think about social groups, lifestyles, and sensations that people share but have never been able to express fully in their clothes. 
  • Address an urgent or immediate need: people express their pains and desires daily on social media. Sometimes, they are specific about what they would like to wear but cannot find it. Other times, it depends on you to decipher how to translate these desires into clothing. 
  • Make your idea accessible: for the trend to happen, your target audience must be able to reproduce it. 
  • Build a community of brand advocates: know your audience, gain followers, and build good relationships in your circle, including other influencers. 

Staying attentive to trends is also a fundamental factor because there is nothing innovative about reinventing the wheel. Some websites specialize in updating their readers on all the latest fashion trend news in the last 24 hours, such as Fashion Trendsetter

Meet 3 famous trendsetters 

Digital influencers can also become trendsetters by innovating and creating trends

It is not enough to be influential and creative to set trends. Innovations must change the perspectives of the runways, inspire professionals, and have a broad reach.

Check out three trendsetters who left their mark on the fashion market, as shown: 

Paul Poiret 

Paul Poiret created tube-shaped dresses that freed women from corsets and was the first couturier (in French, “designer de haute couture,” “high fashion designer”) in 20th-century Paris to become a trendsetter.

Poiret was also the first fashion designer to launch perfumes, which he created according to his collections. 

Coco Chanel 

Gabrielle Chanel, also known as Coco, was at the forefront of French fashion after World War I.

Chanel popularized the “Garçon” or boy style with sweaters and jersey dresses and was the first designer to make high-fashion pants for women. With a freestyle, Chanel created a modern image desired by all. 

Jean Patou 

Jean Patou created the famous “flapper” style in 1925, accentuated the hip line, strengthened the straight silhouette, and made skirts shorter and with uneven hems.

This piece was shortened until it reached knee height, which was a milestone as women displayed their knees in public for the first time. He confirmed that the young and independent woman was the new ideal. 

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Creating trends or staying updated does not allow professionals to waste time.

The fashion world moves quickly, and fashion design is becoming increasingly democratic. It is not enough to be the first to have the idea; you must make it real and show it to the market before others. 

Therefore, the trend in the fashion industry is the combination of assertiveness with technology. Digitizing and streamlining collections, while reducing or eliminating errors in conception, modeling, or fabric use, allows professionals to dedicate more time to creation. 

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What are trendsetters? 

They are trend creators. This term refers to the category of professionals most influential in the fashion world, impacting generations. 

What is the advantage of paying attention to the work of trendsetters? 

It allows the stylist to stay updated and launch collections in tune with changes in the fashion market. 

How to become a trendsetter? 

Identify unexplored opportunities in the market, address an urgent or immediate need, make your idea accessible, and build a community of advocates for your brand. 

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