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Knowing how to make a fashion product catalog is essential for sparking the interest of your clothing company’s target audience. This must-have material includes information about the products you sell, such as prices, sizes, and other vital specifications, helping customers make assertive choices.

If you want to learn how to craft a perfect product catalog, just read on! We will show you a four-step guide to help you decide which type of catalog is the right fit for your brand.

What is a product catalog and how does it work?

What is a product catalog work and how does it work?

The product catalog for your fashion business is a showcase of all the products you offer, whether it is a physical or digital catalog.

In this document, you must structure, categorize, and gather all the information about your items at once. Be sure to cause a good impression – after all, many customers will find out about your label and reach you thanks to the catalog.

The material gives the customer autonomy to decide which pieces and outfits they will take at their own pace. So, as soon as you release your catalog, be prepared to answer questions and take the orders that will come.

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What is the difference between printed and digital catalogs?

There are different types of product catalogs that bring diverse information, data, and objectives. In this article, we are going to focus on print and digital catalogs only, exposing the difference between them and the pros and cons of each type. Check it out below:

Printed catalog

The printed catalog is the one that the reseller takes to your customers in hand or sends by mail. Stores must also have some copies available, as many clients still prefer to visualize the outfits in this format rather than picking them from the racks.

This material must include all information about the pieces, prices, references, and front and back images of the products for sale.

A negative aspect of this catalog is the printing and/or posting costs, which make this version more expensive for companies. Besides, it’s more difficult to make changes to the document, which would imply more costs.

Digital catalog

The digital catalog can come in different formats: digital images, PDF documents, or even online stores. Computers, tablets, and smartphones are all you need to access the material.

Companies can easily send customers the link or image of the document, allowing them to consult and choose the products of their choice. It only takes a simple click!

The digital catalog offers several advantages, including greater accessibility and practicality, as it can be sent anywhere in the world. It is also a more sustainable option, as it reduces costs for the companies and does not use resources such as paper and printing.

Besides, it’s easier to make instant changes to the design, details, and edited images.

However, don’t take the printed edition for granted. Everything will depend on your budget, business goals, and target market.

Some people are still very synesthetic and prefer to hold the catalog to make notes on paper, or for any other reason. That, of course, varies from person to person. And your customer’s needs hugely matter!

What does it take to create a product catalog?

You already know that having a product catalog is essential for your business, but what does it take to create one?

First, it must be well structured and clearly show what your business sells.

The creation process can be a little time-consuming, for there are several steps. You will need images, descriptions, a size chart, and the price of the pieces, for example.

You should start your catalog by deciding which products will be part of it. Remember: they must be the ones with a good volume of stock for sale.

There are still other activities when assembling a product catalog. Among them, we can mention the following:

1. Good quality photos and descriptions

Having good photos and assertive descriptions will make all the difference when the public analyzes the pieces displayed in your catalog.

Because of this material, many people decide to purchase the products, so all elements must be harmonic.

The photos and texts must draw attention and encourage the consumer to buy what you’re launching. It’s the moment to impress the customer, so invest in high-quality content for your catalog and go for it!

2. Prices and payment terms

Payment conditions and prices must be explicit in the file.

Does each piece have a different payment term? Inform them! Everything must be well explained to avoid misunderstandings when finishing a purchase.

If you have products with lower costs, on sale, or special wholesale prices, don’t forget to highlight this information.

3. Graphic design

In addition to having good photos and writing, invest in good graphic design, as it can improve the customer experience while viewing the catalog.

Your catalog layout must be in line with your company’s visual identity, but also with the fashion collection currently for sale. Everything should match, from the images to the colors and fonts used.

4. Catalog printing

If your catalog is printed, get familiar with the print sheets in advance and choose the products that best fit the material you are offering.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the quality of all elements for the catalog to perform at its best.

Tips for assembling a good product catalog

Tips for assembling a good product catalog

1. Divide products by category

Each product style must be separated by category, which makes the search for a specific type of piece more pleasant for the customer.

Products must appear in a logical sequence. An example is to put tops first, then t-shirts, shorts third, and so on.

2. Invest in professional imagery

Your catalog must be creative and catch the public’s eye. Invest in professional photos that deliver a better result – great photographers, art directors, and designers can be decisive for the success of the product catalog (and for the sales!).

Printed or digital, the catalog will be the consumer’s first contact with the items. For this reason, the better the image, the more faithfully it will show the pieces. So, it’s easier to ensure that the chosen product is what the customer wants.

3. Create the product descriptions carefully

The description of the pieces helps the customers decide if the product is the right for them. That is, it can guarantee a great conversion rate for your product.

It must be brief. However, choose descriptions that highlight the strengths and singularities of your products. Use these few writing lines in favor of what your company is offering! And you know it’s unique.

Make clear the technical characteristics and materials, but also take the opportunity to show people how they can use your pieces in everyday life. That generates identification between the consumer and the product.

4. Organize the distribution strategy

If a fashion collection launch has its own strategies, you must have one for your product catalog distribution too.

Will it be printed or digital? Once you choose the format, define the next steps.

If it’s a printed catalog, will you send it along with any products or gifts to the shopkeeper? If it’s digital, will you send it via PDF or message apps, such as WhatsApp Business? We will go in-depth on this later.

Everything must be planned, so that the customer gets interested in the catalog and, consequently, the products. Also, because, just like you, many other brands send this type of material every day.

The more creative the product catalog is, the more attention the public will pay to your label and your launch!

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Where to assemble a product catalog?

Some tools can help you create your catalog. See the main ones:

  • Canva;
  • Adobe PDF;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • WhatsApp Business.

After developing the material, you must define which format you will save it in if you submit it online.

PDF catalog

You can create a PDF catalog with one of the image editing tools mentioned above.

By saving the catalog in PDF format, it’s possible to protect your material against external editions after sharing. Anyway, with the original file saved on your computer, you can edit and re-edit whenever you want.

Catalog via WhatsApp Business app

If you don’t want to create a PDF or print your catalog, you can use another good resource: the WhatsApp Business catalog function.

This tool allows you to add products (and their prices) to your profile, facilitating consultation and ordering for your customer.

WhatsApp Business supports the registration of up to 500 items.

How does Audaces Isa help create a fashion product catalog?

Adaces Isa is a fashion collection manager tool developed based on the Creation and Product Development teams.

With this system, it is possible to manage, control, and organize the entire technical features of the collection, and guarantee the execution of the schedule with decision-making in real-time.

We’ve prepared an e-book for you to learn more about how Audaces can bring more assertiveness to your fashion business! Download it for free:


What is a product catalog and how does it work?

The product catalog for your fashion business is a showcase of all the products you offer, whether it is a physical or digital catalog.

What is the difference between printed and digital catalogs?

The printed catalog is the one that the reseller takes to your customers in hand or sends by mail. The digital catalog can come in different formats: digital images, PDF documents, or even online stores.

What does it take to create a product catalog?

Good quality photos and descriptions, prices and payment terms, graphic design, and catalog printing.

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