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When we talk about trends for the year 2022, there is some uncertainty about the future of the world market in relation to the continuity of the Covid-19 pandemic and its influence on the consumption profile in the Fashion Industry.

And even with all this uncertainty, the fashion market continues to constantly reinvent its creative and technological possibilities, as well as industry resources and measures for a more sustainable fashion economy.

WGSN, the world’s leading trend forecasting company, held a conference where they discovered new trends and inspiration for this year’s season.

In this sense, by collecting data on fashion trends, clothing, and accessories design, we brought some of the main news that the so infinite world of fashion has been bringing in 2022. Check it out:

Textile industry trends: what’s next?

Despite the economic and social context being in a period of instability, it is worth highlighting positive aspects of the period, such as greater community connection, the discovery of individual pleasures, and the agility with e-commerce.

A balance between culture, work, and life is born and, of course, a new consumer who has changed his priorities and awaits proposals that promote family unity.

The average consumer profile has become one who will spend on brands that help with well-being and that convey optimism and hope.

When it comes to real trends, we start with colors. Neutral, commercial, and basic tones find their place in a context of prudence and survival.

“The novelty comes from the hand of olive green, which will have a lot of influence due to its connection with nature; magenta pink, conveying positivity, vigor and beauty; the color of butter, subtle, nourishing and with a luxurious aesthetic; the tropical orange, providing a sense of energy and light and, finally, the Atlantic blue, where artisanal and sustainable inspiration is the hallmark”. WGSN

Connected, Ingenious and Euphoria: The trends for the year 2022

The three trends that will start in spring-summer 2022 are “Connected”, “Ingenious” and “Euphoria”, which at first seem very strange, but we promise you will fall in love with them.


She bases her inspiration on the relationship of ourselves to others. This leads us to natural and spiritual experiences. Mysticism is the new way of looking at the future. Clothes that protect us and designs that help us connect with ourselves.

The most exquisite comfort appears in this trend. Aesthetics and exclusivity. Archaic objects are re-evaluated as fashionable objects, artificial and digital spaces merge, game environments become relevant and main colors are energetic and calming.

Light and versatile silhouettes predominate. Ergonomic clothing plays with integrated accessories and details. Today, the important search for comfortable clothes to stay at home has discovered designs on pants, blazers, and skirts with great adaptability and comfort. Elastic and rubberized waistbands are back.

Blazers take on oversized and enveloping shapes. We discovered fabrics that are easy to iron and wash. The velvet touch, well-being, enveloping silhouettes, and relaxing colors are the main protagonists.

The 90s also had its niche. Innovative cuts in contemporary patterns point to the minimalism of the 90s. Metal fittings and adjustable elements add a different touch to the clothes. The silhouettes are adapted by bows, ribbons, and straps.

“The great sensation of these trends for the year 2022 is the so-called ‘digital atelier’, which brings us closer to 3D clothing and digital design”.

Whatever the trend, getting better with less in a sustainable world is the essence that keeps repeating itself.


This trend takes a fashion perspective from a simpler, more natural, and sustainable approach. Creativity shows its purest state and sober colors and details appear. Exquisite materials and handcrafted luxury predominate.

A sophisticated yet adapted and homely aesthetic is appreciated at the same time.

The great importance of the country theme is in the appearance used with organic textures and wildflowers. It’s a lighthearted style where the nautical theme and holiday resort are also smug.

Without a doubt, timelessness and sustainability are in their purest form.

The juxtapositions transform her foray into floral dresses and handmade plaid shirts, two of the key pieces in the transition from winter to spring. We found slouchy comfort with fabrics that carry natural dyes. The designs are based on leftover materials, which leads to the creation of custom parts.

Folkstyle reappears with handcrafted finishes, bohemian skirts, and turtleneck shirts. Dye fabrics contrast with men’s work boots.

Femininity is reflected in serene pieces that remind us of wedding dresses. A Victorian-style refreshed with mother-of-pearl accented dresses in pink and champagne. Volumes and flashes are back, as are embellishments and delicate applications.


It reflects the strength of design, creativity, and freedom. Use the emotional power of colors to lift your spirits, betting on joy and optimism.

A trend in which important references to cultural icons with exaggerated tropical print influences emerge. The designs exude sparkling, resort retro trends. 70’s hippie silhouettes play the contrast with materials of exceptional creativity. Handcrafted concepts are elevated to vibrant colors.

These are times when the importance of the outdoors increases the need for practical clothing with technical qualities: hidden pockets, removable clothing, and adjustable zips.

The relaxing look with soft, comfortable tones where natural dyes are repeated.

Dream about the trends for the year 2022

An eclectic and youthful interpretation of clothes emerges. The transfer to the modern territory takes place through colors and silhouettes where paintings and large flowers are characteristic.

The colors are contrasted in the form of a bubble and volume. Undoubtedly, a trend that lavishes colors, prints, and handcrafted details. The novelty comes from collaborations between independent brands and artists.

Summer, sun, and good weather give way to beach-inspired collections and poolside looks. Kaftans, silkscreened scarves that transform into tops, and glam modern silhouettes are a must on summer days.

For the evening, we went back to wearing bright, lurex shirts and dresses. Like every spring, the safari collection can’t be missed. This time it was reinterpreted with cargo pants and shorts, practical overalls, and medium but vivid colors.

Now that you know about the trends for the year in fashion, how about knowing more about the types of fabric and their influence on the textile environment? Follow the Audaces blog and don’t miss any content updates.

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