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International fashion weeks in cities like New York, London, Milan, and Paris have unveiled superb trends—both macro and micro—that will shape the fashion landscape for Spring/Summer 2024. 

These global showcases function as a style compass for bureaus worldwide, reflecting industry and societal dynamics, as well as brand strategies influenced by evolving consumer behavior. Notably, topics like Artificial Intelligence are unmissable highlights. 

We invite you to delve into the essence of Spring/Summer trends for 2024, decoded from the latest runways.  

Uncover insights to empower your fashion collection launch and explore the season’s hottest trends to make your seasonal collection launch a resounding success! 

Enjoy the read! 

Key 2024 Spring/Summer trends for fashion 

Sensuality, sheer fabrics, metallics, and exposed skin characterize the trends observed in fashion shows worldwide.  

Discover further details on the predominant trends showcased on the runways—ones that are poised to grace store windows in the upcoming months. 

1. Draping 

Draping, an aesthetic commonly found in dresses, blouses, and skirts, involves the gentle folding of fabric to create elegant waves on the body. 

This technique relies on the use of light and malleable fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin, or jersey.  

The result is clothing that exudes a sense of both elegance and movement, destined to rock the Spring/Summer trends!

Draping can be incorporated in various ways, whether as subtle details or as the focal point of the garment. Importantly, it complements different body types. 

Moreover, draping is versatile, seamlessly transitioning from casual wear like t-shirts and skirts to more formal attire such as gala dresses or party outfits. This year, draping trends showcase themselves through asymmetrical cuts, intricate clothing details, and stylish overlays. 

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2. Cutouts 

For those who enjoy showcasing some skin, whether on warm or cooler days, the cutouts trend is perfect.  

Featuring mini lengths, strategically placed holes, slits, and daring deep necklines, this trend adds a touch of allure to any outfit. 

Slashes and shreds are on top: a noteworthy trend gaining prominence for Spring/Summer 2024 is the cut-out style. Asymmetric cuts took center stage in fashion shows. 

3. Mini lengths

Spring/Summer trends: Model walking the catwalk in a mini-length skirt.

Dresses, skirts, shorts, and other pieces featuring shorter lengths are making a stylish entrance to ensure freshness during the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 season. 

Originating in the 60s, this trend has made several comebacks, becoming a symbol of confidence, boldness, and youthfulness in fashion.  

Renowned global brands like Versace, Tom Ford, Gucci, Miu Miu, Chanel, and Schiaparelli showcased this trend on the catwalks during Fashion Week 2024. 

4. More volume, please 

In an increasingly digital world, the tangible nature of clothing takes on greater significance.  

Designs from collections like Glenn Martens’s and Junya Watanabe’s echo the precision of AI, featuring evocative volumes that resemble sculptures. 

Examples of dramatic effects also were evident in Bottega Veneta’s giant pom poms and Willy Chavarria’s oversized bow cape – the bigger, the better! 

5. It’s underwear time! 

Lace is making a comeback, bringing back those intimate pieces as one of the hottest Spring/Summer trend. Sensuality took the spotlight on the fashion week runways, and Italian brands like Dolce & Gabbana incorporated underwear into their shows. 

The trend extends to beachwear: Chanel and Dries Van Noten showcased one-piece swimsuits peeking from beneath trenches and tweed. At Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons also embraced the trend of experimenting with underwear as outerwear

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6. Roses on the rise 

Spring/Summer trends: Model on the catwalk wearing an outfit studded with red roses.

In shades from blood red to baby pink, roses are flourishing both on and beneath clothing.  

While it’s not groundbreaking that spring is associated with flowers, this season brings roses in innovative forms: as appliqués, adorning choker necklaces, and even as metallic accessories. 

Simone Rocha took satin whorls to fashion delicate rosebuds, Balmain sprinkled lacquered roses throughout its collection, and UNDERCOVER wove a dreamy narrative with terrarium ballgowns adorned with roses. 

7. Monochrome magic 

Monochromatic ensembles took center stage during the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show season.  

Brands such as Burberry and Mains London showcased a plethora of t-shirts, shorts, and jackets all drenched in a single hue on their dazzling runways. 

Some designers embraced a predominantly black-and-white palette. Numerous elegant white dresses and all-black ensembles, such as the ones from Dior’s collection, introduced more subtle yet super stylish vibes. 

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8. All jeans 

Designers fully embraced denim at New York Fashion Week, featuring upcycled jeans, classic trousers, skirts, and corsets.  

The denim trend extended to unique pieces like back-pocket bra tops and denim turtlenecks, exemplified by LaQuan Smith’s collection, along with denim purses, making head-to-toe denim looks the thing for SS24! 

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2024 Spring/Summer trends report: Main aesthetics 

Unlocking the latest styles that are making waves for the upcoming season is crucial for finding inspiration for your collection.  

Certain aesthetics have gained popularity and are expected to grace the fashion scene frequently in the coming months.  

Let’s explore what they are! 

9. Quiet luxury 

Spring/Summer trends: Blond woman with Quiet Luxury style walking through the streets.

Quiet luxury, a concept in the fashion world, values sophistication and elegance in a discreet, minimalist way. It embraces luxury subtly, favoring refined, timeless pieces over flashy items. 

This style focuses on quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and refined design, prioritizing excellence and attention to detail over logos or overly bold elements.  

Quiet luxury is reflected in clean, unassuming clothes and accessories, avoiding unnecessary exhibitionism while conveying a sense of luxury.  

High-quality materials, precise cuts, and a neutral color palette are common in this style. 

Brands following quiet luxury avoid excess, preferring timeless elegance. They prioritize functionality and durability, creating pieces that withstand the test of time in both style and quality. 

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10. Workwear 

The workwear style, synonymous with “work clothes”, is on the top of the Spring/Summer trends for 2024. It draws inspiration from attire worn in workshops, factories, farms, and industries.  

Rooted in the functional and durable clothing of laborers, this style has significantly influenced contemporary fashion. 

Traditional workwear prioritized practicality, toughness, and comfort for demanding physical tasks.  

This gave rise to iconic pieces like overalls, work jackets, loose-fitting pants, flannel shirts, work boots, and aprons, often crafted from sturdy fabrics like denim and canvas. 

The workwear aesthetic is marked by simplicity, functionality, and durability. These garments typically showcase reinforced seams, utilitarian pockets, and an unpretentious design.  

Colors lean towards neutral and earthy tones, reflecting the practical origins of these clothes. 

11. The 90s meet Y2K 

Inspired by early ’90s supermodels and Y2K fashion, sheer fabrics are making a vibrant, see-through comeback on the runways of Copenhagen Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week.  

The spotlight is on nearly-naked dresses, with embroidered lace and intricate crochet knitwork cleverly concealing and adding subtlety to the daring look. 

New York designers are also bringing back the 1990s this season, infusing nostalgia onto the runway with the mantra ‘less is more,’ featuring numerous minimalist yet sophisticated slip dresses. 

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Which colors will dominate the Spring/Summer trends in 2024? 

Beyond the ensemble compositions and fabric fits, the fashion week runways brought another captivating element to the forefront: the colors!  

Summer demands strong, vibrant hues, and the fashion shows delivered exactly that.  

Let’s see the standout options! 

12. Sky blue

Spring/Summer trends: Versace fashion show bringing the sky blue trend to 2024.

In the spotlight for Summer 2024, the gentle hue of light blue graced the catwalks in both London and New York, adding a touch of tranquility. 

13. White 

Taking center stage on the Italian catwalks during Milan Fashion Week and making waves in London, the color white became a trend, particularly highlighted by JW Anderson’s standout dresses. 

14. Lavender 

A continued trend from the 2023 fashion week catwalks, lavender remains a strong contender in 2024, offering a cozy and chic aesthetic. 

15. Red 

As a sensual and vibrant color, red emerges as the go-to choice for those aiming to infuse energy into their looks.  

Its versatility allows easy pairing with both strong and neutral colors, making it a popular choice not only in clothing but also in accessories, makeup, and shoes.  

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Fabrics dominating Spring/Summer trends 2024  

Fabrics evolve with the seasons, and those showcased on the fashion week catwalks as Spring/Summer trends for 2024 come brimming with fullness and volume. 

Explore the latest materials to consider for your investments: 

16. Linen 

Linen is the fabric of summer! Fresh, sophisticated, and natural, it provides a gentle and comfortable feel, making it perfect for warm days.  

With its inherent breathability, linen is an essential choice for summer clothing, especially for items like pants, shirts, vests, and jumpsuits. 

17. Metallized fabrics

Paco Rabanne fashion show showcasing metallic fabrics.

With a futuristic vibe and influenced by new developments in the metaverse, metallic fabrics are a bold addition to the Spring/Summer 2024 trends.  

Ideal for those who crave a daring and creative edge, these fabrics are not only attention-grabbing but also versatile, making them suitable for evening looks and beyond, depending on the occasion. 

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What are the key Spring/Summer trends for 2024?

Cutouts, mini lengths, volume, monochromatic styles, underwear as outerwear, and sheer fabrics set the tone for the season.

Why stay in the loop on Spring/Summer trends?

Understanding SS2024 trends ensures your collection aligns with evolving preferences, enhancing relevance and commercial success.

What colors will dominate Spring/Summer trends in 2024?

White, lavender, red, and sky blue define SS2024 trends. Infuse your collection with these chic tones for an on-point look!

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