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  • To sell clothes online is a way to reach different audiences, from several locations at any time; 
  • Knowing your audience, and choosing the right segment and solutions to support you are essential for your store to be a success; 
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With technology and the growing preference for e-commerce, selling clothes online has become not only an option but also a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies in the fashion industry. 

In this dynamic and challenging context, exploring strategies for success in digital fashion commerce is crucial. 

This text provides valuable guidance for you, whether you want to start or improve your digital presence to sell clothes online. 

Enjoy your reading!

Why to sell clothes online is a good business?

To sell clothes online is definitely a good business! With this kind of sale, you can reach many customers without the need for a physical location. 

The internet allows you to connect with people all over the world. Moreover, it’s easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, once they’re able to search by style, size, color, and other filters. 

Flexibility is also an outstanding benefit for the seller. You can run your business from anywhere if you have internet access. This means you can work from home or even travel while managing your online store. 

To sell clothes online is also cost-effective compared to a physical store. You save on rent, employees, and other expenses associated with a traditional store. 

Additionally, many e-commerce platforms provide affordable options to set up and maintain your online store. 

The variety of products you can offer is another advantage. You can sell a wide range of clothes, from casual wear to formal outfits, satisfying different tastes and customer needs. 

The demand for online clothing shopping is growing. More and more people prefer to shop online due to the convenience and variety of options available. 

It means there is a great profit potential in selling clothes online, as long as you can guarantee quality product and customer service.

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Best segments to sell clothes online 

Each segment has its target audience and unique opportunities. Choosing the sector that best aligns with your interests, knowledge, and resources is essential to sell clothes online successfully. 

Here’s a list of 4 segments that you can sell online – Women’s wear, Men’s wear, Intimates and Beachwear, and Activewear.

All of them have the potential to be excellent niches to sell clothes online, check it out:

Women’s wear 

This is one of the broadest and most popular categories. Women are always looking for new trends and styles, creating the opportunity to offer a wide variety of products. 

You can focus on different age groups, lifestyles, or specific occasions, such as casual, formal, party, or work clothes. 

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Men’s wear 

Even though the men’s fashion market is historically less explored than women’s, this segment is growing quickly. Men of all ages are becoming increasingly interested in fashion and style, seeking clothes that reflect their personality and preferences. 

Investing in this segment can be a profitable opportunity, especially if you offer products with different styles, from casual wear to formal outfits. 

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Lingerie and swimwear 

This is a specific niche that meets the particular consumer needs. Lingerie and swimwear require comfort, quality, and very often a touch of style. 

There is a continuous demand for lingerie, swimsuits, bikinis, trunks, and other related items. Focusing on this segment can bring some advantages if you stand out for the quality of materials, design, and variety of sizes. 

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Activewear is one of the best segments to sell clothes online.

With the increasing interest in health and wellness, fitness fashion has become extremely popular. Clothing suitable for exercise, such as leggings, sports bras, shorts, and sneakers, is essential for those who practice physical activities regularly. 

You can excel in this segment by using technological fabrics, innovative designs, and specific functionalities for different types of activities, such as yoga, running, and weight training, among others. 

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How to sell clothes online and increase profits? 

To sell clothes online can be very profitable, but first, you need to follow some strategies that can help your e-commerce to make more profit. Here are some: 

Define your niche market 

Focus on a specific segment of the fashion market. It can be women’s wear, men’s wear, intimates, beachwear, activewear, or even a more specific niche within these categories, like plus-size clothing, sustainable fashion, or vintage fashion. 

By specializing, you can attract a more targeted and loyal audience. 

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Choose a quality platform 

Go for a reliable e-commerce platform that suits your needs. There are several options available. Evaluate features, easiness of use, fees, and integration with other essential services like payment and logistics providers. 

Create a good product mix 

Offer a variety of products that meet the needs and preferences of your target audience. This may include clothes for different occasions, styles, and age groups. 

Stay updated with fashion trends and try to include exclusive products or limited editions to spark interest and boost sales. 

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Offer a virtual clothing fitting room

Clothing virtual fitting room: Shape-U page indicating the best garment for a customer.

Adding virtual clothing fitting room tools on your website can assist your customers in visualizing how the clothes would look on them. 

This may include features such as virtual models, detailed size guides, photos of customers wearing the clothes, or even augmented reality technologies that allow customers to virtually try on the options. 

A virtual fitting room can boost customer confidence and reduce the number of returns, contributing to increasing your profits. 

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Examples of brands that are using clothing virtual fitting rooms

Discover brands that have adopted virtual fitting rooms and are already collecting positive results. 


The world-renowned Gucci has implemented a virtual fitting room on its website, offering customers the possibility to “try on” sneakers with no need to go to a physical store. 

It uses augmented reality technology to allow customers to see how the sneakers would look on their own feet. 

Customers can access the virtual fitting room on the Gucci shopping website, select the desired sneaker model, and use the phone camera to see a digital overlay of the sneakers on their feet in real time. 


Another leading fashion brand, H&M allows customers to check their complete outfit on the website. With the clothing virtual fitting room, it’s possible to select different and combine different items. 

This feature helps to visualize how the clothes would look together and empowers the customer with confidence to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Improve your e-commerce sales with Shape-U

Shape-U interface

Shape-U is the solution to boost your e-commerce with an intuitive platform and user-friendly interface! 

By combining essential tools such as ideal size recommendation, detailed measurement charts, and data intelligence, this revolutionary platform enhances your online business performance. 

Implementing Shape-U can lead to a significant advantage in optimizing the online purchasing process. 

The ideal size recommendation functionality ensures the right product choice, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction. 

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Why to sell clothes online is a good business?

You can reach many customers without the need for a physical location. Moreover, it’s easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, once they’re able to search by style, size, color, and other filters.

How to sell clothes online and increase profits?

Define your niche market, choose a quality platform, create a good product mix, and offer a virtual clothing fitting room.

What are the best segments to sell clothes online?

Women’s wear, men’s wear, lingerie and swimwear, and activewear.

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