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  • Online clothing consumption has experienced significant growth in recent years, making it crucial for companies to adapt to this trend;
  • Therefore, a clothing virtual fitting room can provide immense benefits for both customers and companies;
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Online shopping has become an integral part of consumers’ lives, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. The convenience of purchasing products anytime and anywhere has become a major advantage for avid shoppers.

With the surge in online consumption, companies with e-commerce platforms have had to adapt to meet new requirements, including the implementation of a clothing virtual fitting room.

The virtual fitting room revolutionizes the online shopping experience by providing greater accuracy for customers, ultimately saving companies from the expenses associated with returns and exchanges.

If you’re curious to learn more about how a virtual fitting room works and its benefits, you’re in the right place! We’ve prepared this content to guide you through this technology and help you make informed decisions.

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Clothing virtual fitting room: how it works and what it offers?

A clothing virtual fitting room is a technology that enables users to try on clothes virtually, eliminating the need for physical dressing.

By harnessing augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), this solution creates an immersive experience where users can envision how different garments would look on their own bodies. This integration creates the illusion that the person is actually wearing the selected garment, allowing them to assess its fit, color, and other intricate detail

Want to know how it operates? Let’s delve into some basic steps, then:

  1. To begin, users input essential information such as height, weight, and body measurements to generate a virtual avatar that accurately represents their appearance.
  2. With their virtual selves ready, users can explore a collection of clothing available within the system and select the items they wish to try on.
  3. And here’s where the magic happens! The virtual fitting room superimposes the chosen garment’s image onto the user’s avatar .

But that’s not all – some virtual fitting rooms also offer additional features, such as:

  • Rotate the avatars, obtaining a 360-degree view of the outfit from various angles.
  • Adjust the size of the garment for a customized fit.
  • Experiment with different clothing combinations, explorin various styles.
  • Sare the virtual try-on images on social networks to get feedback from friends and family.

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Unveiling the benefits of clothing virtual fitting rooms

Clothing virtual fitting room: Shape-U page indicating the best garment for a customer.

The virtual fitting room has emerged as a game-changer in the retail industry, offering a plethora of advantages for both customers and businesses.

Let’s explore the key benefits that have fueled its adoption:

Immersive shopping experience

The virtual fitting room brings a new level of interactivity and immersion to the shopping journey. By allowing consumers to virtually try on clothes, it bridges the gap between online and offline experiences.

Customers can enjoy the thrill of trying on different outfits from the comfort of their homes, replicating the sensation of being in a physical store.

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Reduced returns

The issue of incorrect sizing has long affected online clothing purchases, causing frustration among consumers.

However, the virtual fitting room presents a solution to this problem – by utilizing it, users can now preview how clothes fit their unique body shape before making a purchase.

This experience ensures a more accurate shopping process, eliminating the guesswork often associated with it.

This enhanced confidence leads to a decrease in returns, as customers have a clearer understanding of how the chosen clothing items will suit them.

Smart data management

Clothing virtual fitting rooms capture users’ preferences and measurements, empowering retailers with actionable insights into buying trends, size demands, and favored styles.

This data-driven approach fuels the enhancement of product offerings, personalized recommendations, and supply chain efficiency.

Such tailored recommendations enhance the overall shopping experience and foster customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Greater public interest

The presence of a clothing virtual fitting room can ignite a surge in public interest for your brand or store.

With its innovative functionality and unique experience, the virtual fitting room has the potential to attract a wider consumer base, particularly those seeking convenience and cutting-edge technologies.

Inclusion and diversity

The virtual fitting room serves as a powerful catalyst for promoting inclusivity and embracing diversity within the fashion industry.

By enabling individuals with diverse bodies, sizes, and shapes to virtually try on clothes, it transcends beauty stereotypes and fosters a more inclusive shopping experience, catering to a broader range of consumers.

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3 e-commerce platforms embracing clothing virtual fitting rooms

E-commerce platforms are boosting the shopping experience by incorporating virtual fitting rooms to offer enhanced comfort and precision to their customers.

Uncover three companies that are leading the way in utilizing this technology:


Image showing Gap's clothing virtual fitting room configured for body measurements.

GAP, the leading specialized clothing retailer in the United States, introduces a virtual fitting room that offers effortless usability.

Seamlessly integrated into their platform, this comprehensive system leverages basic user information to provide an accurate visualization of how each garment will look on your body.

Beyond its visual representation capabilities, GAP’s virtual fitting room goes the extra mile by suggesting other pieces and sizes that may perfectly complement your style.


Image showing Zalando's clothing virtual fitting room project.

Zalando, a fashion and lifestyle online platform based in Berlin, has unveiled a virtual fitting rooms pilot project available across its 25 markets.

Through this technology, customers can now create their very own 3D avatars. By simply entering their height, weight, and gender, they can generate a lifelike representation of themselves and evaluate the perfect fit of a selection of jeans, featuring 22 items from various brands.

Zalando has an in-house team solely dedicated to size and fit. The company is also developing a body measurement feature that will provide customers with personalized recommendations based on their precise measurements.


In a bid to enhance the online shopping experience, Walmart introduced “Be Your Own Model” in 2022, a system that enables customers to visualize themselves wearing the apparel they intend to purchase.

Designed to create a captivating, gamified shopping experience, “Be Your Own Model” allows shoppers to upload personal photos, providing a realistic representation of how the clothing will look on their unique body shape.

Prior to this innovation, Walmart made a big move into virtual fitting rooms by acquiring Zeekit, a virtual try-on startup, in 2021.

Optimize your e-commerce performance with Shape-U

Clothing virtual fitting room: Shape-U interface

Shape-U is an advanced solution designed to enhance the performance of your e-commerce business by combining ideal size recommendation tools, comprehensive measurement tables, and powerful data intelligence.

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Shape-U helps you improve your business metrics.

In just three simple steps, customers can receive personalized size recommendations and explore alternative options based on their individual preferences.

Additionally, Shape-U allows for enhanced recommendations by incorporating additional measurements, providing precise guidance for each body region.

Customers can also select their preferred size while evaluating other relevant measurements.

Importing your existing measurement tables and products is made easier with Shape-U’s automatic integration feature. If needed, you can create custom measurement charts directly within the system, offering a swift and uncomplicated setup process.

Shape-U’s data intelligence is an essential part of the solution. It connects fashion product attributes and specifications with each customer’s individual buying behavior and style preferences.

With reports and metrics at your disposal, your brand gains a deeper understanding of your audience, transforming data into valuable business opportunities and increased revenue.

And there’s more! Shape-U streamlines the identification of new products in your store and provides automated recommendations for corresponding measurement tables.

After creating the customer profile, selected sizes are automatically included and integrated with the shopping cart, simplifying the purchase process for your customers.

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What is a clothing virtual fitting room?

A clothing virtual fitting room allows users to try on clothes virtually, without physically wearing them.

How does a virtual fitting room work?

Users provide their height, weight, and body measurements to create a virtual avatar. They can then select clothes from the system to try on.

What are the benefits of a clothing virtual fitting room?

Virtual fitting rooms offer an immersive shopping experience, reduce return rates, provide intelligent data management, generate greater public interest, and promote inclusion and diversity.

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