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  • Lurex fabric is a highly elastic and flexible mesh composed of metallic threads;
  • The concept of lurex fabric emerged from the vision of infusing a metallic shine into the fabric’s thread;
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Lurex, the shining sensation of the ’80s, has made a comeback, captivating fashion enthusiasts in every season and for all occasions.

For those who experienced the disco era and the glamorous allure of the 1980s, the memory of lurex fever remains vivid.

Lurex was everywhere, adorning leg warmers, bodysuits, and even casual garments like flowing pants and blouses of various styles.

Now this incredible fabric finds its place back in our wardrobes, presenting versatile options that effortlessly transition from day to night.

Curious to discover the multiple possibilities of lurex? Stay with us and enjoy your reading!

What is lurex fabric and what are its uses?

Let’s begin by sharing that the commonly used name for this fabric is, in fact, the Lurex® trademark, which represents a specific type of metalized thread developed in 1946.

However, long before the invention of lurex, metallic materials were already being incorporated into fabrics to impart shine and elegance.

Historical records from the Middle Ages indicate the use of finely cut strips of gold, which were molded and wrapped in silk or cotton.

The lurex fabric we are familiar with has evolved significantly since its inception, becoming even more exquisite, comfortable, and technologically advanced.

It is a knitted fabric with excellent elasticity and flexibility, crafted using metallic fibers like aluminum, which are then wrapped and sealed with polyester or polyamide.

With its sophisticated sheen, lurex is widely employed in festive costumes, but it has also found its place in everyday clothing, always adding a touch of elegance.

How was the rise of lurex fabric?

The picture shows the lurex fabric in detail.

As mentioned, the concept of incorporating shine and decorative elements into conventional fabrics has been a practice dating back to the earliest civilizations, when our ancestors first began crafting clothing.

In the case of lurex fabric, its invention was driven by the desire to infuse a metallic gleam into various yarn materials such as cotton, wool, and more recently, polyester and polyamide.

In 1496, the company that would lend its name to the fabric, Lurex®, pioneered the technique of sandwiching a metallic thread between two plastic fabrics.

This breakthrough marked the birth of the first metallic thread, which underwent continuous refinement over time. Eventually, in the 1970s, the lurex we recognize today emerged, solidifying its presence as a prominent trend in the 1980s.

Today, advancements in textile technologies have enabled the creation of lurex using a variety of raw materials.

This has resulted in the production of a final fabric that is not only more technologically advanced and intelligent but also offers enhanced comfort and cutting-edge fashion appeal.

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How is lurex fabric made?

Originally, lurex fabric consisted of extremely thin aluminum wire pressed between two plastic surfaces. However, over the years, the manufacturing techniques for lurex have undergone significant changes.

Today, the most common method involves combining wool with vaporized metal.

Furthermore, there are also fabric blends that incorporate lurex as a metallic element within their composition.

In such cases, polyester, polyamide, or other synthetic fibers are combined with the characteristic metallic threads of lurex, resulting in captivating mesh fabrics.

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What are the characteristics of the lurex fabric?

The image shows the lurex fabric in detail, with copper tones.

While shine is the primary characteristic of lurex fabric, this metallic thread possesses a range of other notable qualities. Its appeal extends beyond mere luster.

Lurex is renowned for its malleability, offering flexibility and excellent elasticity. It also boasts a distinctive texture that adds depth to the fabric.

Moreover, the trim of lurex varies, adapting to the unique design of each piece it adorns. This versatile thread finds common applications in knitting, crochet, wool, and even fabrics with a touch of transparency.

Lurex fabric is available in a wide array of colors, although silver and gold remain the most popular choices.

Finding the perfect balance of shimmer: lurex fabric or lamé?

Lurex fabric and lamé are among the most popular fabrics in accordance with the latest trends, introducing a touch of shine into everyday wear.

Since their resurgence, both fabrics have made their mark across a wide range of occasions.

While lurex and lamé share some similarities, they also have distinct differences:

  • Lamé consists of a shiny layer applied over a fabric base, whereas lurex incorporates metallic threads interwoven within the fibers, creating a luminous appearance;
  • Lamé typically offers a more fluid fit compared to lurex;
  • Lamé exhibits a “rolling sheen,” whereas lurex presents a “luminescent sheen.”

Regardless of the fabric chosen, it is crucial to include a viscose lining when working with these materials, as they can be uncomfortable against direct contact with the skin. This ensures optimal comfort and wearability for the finished pieces.

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How to incorporate lurex fabric into your fashion collection?

Lurex fabric is a go-to choice when aiming for a chic and sophisticated look, without overwhelming the outfit with excessive details or risking an imbalanced appearance.

With its wide range of colors and effects, lurex offers versatility in styling options. It can be seamlessly combined with fabrics like denim or utilized in unique pieces such as dresses, jumpsuits and even swimsuits.

The fabric’s impact can be tailored to personal preference, as it can be utilized in both discreet and extravagant designs.

Additionally, its versatility extends to various applications. For instance, lurex can be paired with knitting to create heavier, winter garments. Its malleability allows it to conform to the body, and the fabric exhibits a subtle transparency, making it ideal for pieces with draping and pleating techniques.

By integrating lurex fabric into your fashion collection, you can achieve an elevated and stylish ensemble that exudes both elegance and individuality.

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What is lurex fabric?

Lurex fabric is a versatile fabric known for its excellent elasticity and flexibility. It is crafted using metallic threads, such as aluminum, which are carefully wrapped and sealed within polyester or polyamide fibers.

How was lurex fabric developed?

The development of lurex fabric stemmed from the desire to introduce a distinctive metallic shine to various types of yarn, including cotton, wool, and more recently, polyester and polyamide.

How is lurex fabric produced?

As manufacturing techniques evolved, the predominant method shifted towards utilizing wool and vaporized metal to create lurex fabric. This modification has led to enhanced production processes and improved fabric quality.

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