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Are you looking to acquire new knowledge, expand your network, and stay up to date on the latest trends in the textile industry?  

If so, understanding the value of attending a textile fair is crucial for the growth of your clothing business.  

As an entrepreneur or professional committed to expanding your venture, the connections and insights gained from participating in these events are immense. 

Here, we will share with you the main national and international textile fairs and explain why it’s essential for your company to attend them.  

Read on to discover the benefits! 

What is a textile fair?

A textile fair is an exciting event that brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, industry experts, and market leaders through exhibitions, lectures, networking circles, and other attractions. The purpose is to discuss and present innovations in the textile market.  

Participants not only connect with other companies but also gain valuable insights into the sector’s performance. They learn firsthand about the sector’s figures and engage with key professionals in the fashion industry. 

What products are presented at a textile fair?

You can explore a world of possibilities at a textile fair, such as machinery boasting cutting-edge technology, process automation, or new business opportunities.

Knowing the perspectives of the textile market and the latest trends as soon as they are announced can be very strategic for your company, so you can adapt the launch of your fashion collections to your customers and get a jump on the competition.

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Which are the main textile fairs?

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Brazilian textile fairs  

As a globally connected company, Audaces plays a pivotal role in integrating automation processes within the latest generation of Industry 5.0, a rapidly growing sector in Brazil.  

The country stands out as a major hub for textile trade shows, providing a significant opportunity for fashion companies worldwide to converge. 

Consider participating in one of the many textile fairs held throughout the year! Below, we highlight some of the most notable Brazilian textile fairs: 


Positioning itself as the largest fair in the textile sector in the Americas, Febratex offers innovative and sustainable solutions for the entire textile production chain and fashion industry. 

Tecnotextil Brazil

Tecnotêxtil reveals news related to:

  • Fabrics for clothing
  • Textile products
  • Textile machines
  • Cloths
  • Textile industry
  • Industrial fairs.

Future Print

Future Print brings you the latest developments in:

  • Digital technology
  • Printing machines
  • Printing
  • Textile industry
  • Digital printing.


Maquintex offers you the best highlights of:

  • Fabrics for clothing 
  • Fashion designers
  • Chemical products
  • Textile machines
  • Textile industry
  • Industrial fairs
  • Fashion trends.

International textile fairs


Considered the main business hub in Latin America, Colombiatex is an annual fair held in Bogota, Colombia. 

Specializing in textiles, machinery, and chemical products, the event is packed with industry-leading innovations and services aimed at advancing the clothing and flexible textile production chain. 

Heimtextil Summer Special 

The fair takes place in Frankfurt, Germany. It presents innovations in machinery, processes, and services for clothing and flexible textile manufacturing.

Fast Textile 

In Nadarzyn, Poland, Fast Textile showcases the newest textile equipment, trends of the fashion production chain, fabrics, trimmings, and much more.

Functional Fabric Fair

Functional Fabric Fair, in New York, United States is exclusively focused on business and the development of functional fabrics.

Why is participating in a textile fair beneficial for your business? 

The image shows the Audaces booth at a textile fair

If you’re contemplating participating in a textile fair, you’ll be pleased to know that your business has numerous potential benefits.  

From gaining a better understanding of the competition to increasing profit margins, there are compelling reasons why you should have these events on your company’s radar.  

Check them out: 

Competition survey

If your competitors are often present at fairs and you are not, you must rethink why you are not there.

It is important to keep track of what the competition has done differently. By surveying them, you’ll be able to identify what strategies and techniques they are using to gain an advantage.

This knowledge can be invaluable when it comes to improving your own productivity and gaining a competitive edge.

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Business opportunities

The textile fair provides a wealth of opportunities to grow your business and close deals, allowing you to establish connections with relevant players in the industry. 

Another benefit is that, by interacting with the person in charge of production, you may be able to secure discounts and other special conditions for closing partnerships and purchases. 

Additionally, you can find potential customers during the event. 

Even if you don’t manage to close any deals during the event, you can still take advantage of the networking opportunities! 

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The textile fair is the perfect environment for you to meet people and exchange ideas informally, right from the first contact.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your experience:

  • Get ready before the textile fair! Study who are the key speakers, exhibitors, and representatives that are relevant to your business.
  • Make use of the downtime to meet and introduce yourself to other professionals.
  • Bring your business cards and exchange them with those you would like to continue the conversation with. You can even connect with them on LinkedIn.

After the fair, create a list of potential customers, suppliers, and other contacts you met. Don’t forget to follow up and thank them for their time.

News and releases

The textile fair is the ideal occasion for those looking to stay informed about the most recent launches in the sector.

At these fairs, companies exhibit innovations in machines and software and updated data and figures on the textile sector.

This way, you can get valuable insights that can help increase your company’s productivity and revenue. 

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How to enhance your experience at textile fairs for improved production? 

In addition to all the advantages associated with commercial relationships, benchmarking, and sector updates, the textile fair is an important source of technical knowledge. 

Wisely and strategically leveraging the insights gained at events of this scale can significantly impact the productivity of your company. 

With a notepad (physical or electronic) ready to capture essential details, you can ensure you don’t miss any crucial details from other firms’ experiences. 

Remember that the textile industry consists of a vast production chain, and every aspect can provide valuable information for your apparel business. 

Here are some tips to enhance your next textile fair experience even further: 

Don’t settle for the same old 

Attend lectures and discussion forums that explore business models different from yours.  

On your way back, take the time to analyze how your operations can be improved. Are there any cost-cutting strategies, tools, and management parameters you can adapt to your scenario? 

Step out of your comfort zone 

Visit several booths; don’t limit yourself to interacting with your peers. Participate in panels with themes that challenge and push the boundaries of your current business reality. 

Harness the power of data 

With the dissemination of scientific and market research, a lot of information can help make your business more sustainable. Share this knowledge internally with your team members and witness projects taking form! 

Textile fair schedule for 2024

Explore the leading textile fairs and clothing trade shows scheduled for 2024! 
From Intermoda in Mexico to Febratex Summit in Brazil, get to know the dates and decide which events are ideal for your company:

Audaces will be present at some of the most renowned textile fairs of the year, showcasing our latest software programs. See some of them below: 

  • Intermoda 2024: One of the most significant fashion gatherings in Latin America, taking place in Guadalajara (Mexico) from January 16 to 19, 2024. 
  • Colombiatex2024: Considered one of the largest fairs in Latin America, happening in Medellín (Colombia) from January 23 to 25. 
  • Emitex 2024: Held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) from May 21 to 23, 2024. 
  • ONDM 2024: Two moments in 2024; the first in Goiania/GO, Brazil, at the Convention Center from May 15 to 16, and the second in Balneario Camboriu/Santa Catarina, Brazil, at the Expocentro from October 22 to 24. 
  • Febratex 2024: Scheduled between August 20 and 23 in Blumenau/Santa Catarina, Brazil. 

Unleash technological potential at a textile fair with Audaces! 

The image shows the Audaces booth at the Febratex textile fair

Technology holds tremendous benefits for your clothing company, and attending major textile fairs allows you to experience these innovations firsthand.  

Audaces offers cutting-edge solutions that integrate every stage of the fashion production process, from concept to delivery. 


Audaces360 is the ultimate multi-solution to conquer the challenges of the fashion industry and launch successful fashion collections. 

It empowers you to maximize practicality, optimize time, and ensure agility in your company’s deliveries. 

Audaces Isa

A powerful component of Audaces360, Audaces Isa is a tool that facilitates fashion collection management, granting full control over production processes.  

Audaces Isa enhances delivery time, offering advantages like simple planning based on visual maps of collections, well-defined workflows, and seamless communication between different teams. 

Yet, Audaces Isa provides more than just these benefits. It also helps to:

  • Anticipate costs and streamline collection approval 
  • Monitor all stages of the garments and improve the workflow 
  • Create a history of designs already developed to reuse them as a foundation 
  • View reports based on information from previous collections. 

Participating in a textile fair can enrich the knowledge base of your apparel firm, a fundamental element for those aiming to maximize sales.  

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What is a textile fair?  

A textile fair is an event that brings together several entrepreneurs around exhibitions, lectures, networking circles, and other attractions to discuss and present innovations in the textile market.   

What products are presented at textile fairs?

Textile fairs typically include displays of machinery, process automation, and new businesses.

Why participate in a textile fair?

Participating in a textile fair allows you to survey the competition, create business and networking opportunities, and stay up-to-date on firsthand trends and launches.

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