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Audaces participates in the largest world fair of textile machinery, ITMA

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From 20th to 26th June Audaces will participate in the largest fair of textile machinery in the world, ITMA. In this edition, Barcelona was the city chosen as the venue for the event, which takes place every four years to present the greatest innovations and equipment for the textile industry. At Audaces stand, visitors from all over the world will get to know Audaces Neocut Bravo cutting machine and the Audaces 360 multi solution.


Audaces solutions to be presented at ITMA

Two Audaces solutions will be presented at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Spain


Neocut Bravo cutting machine

One of the safest and smartest tools in the world, Audaces Neocut Bravo cutting machine was launched in 2008 and has since gone through numerous improvements, resulting in an even faster and more accurate machine.

It is possible to produce parts at a much faster speed than in a manual process, which favors the gain of scale in your company.

In its cutting head there are more than 300 sensors that allow the machine to adopt the best cutting condition for different types of fabric and for different layering heights, besides being responsible for making the cut much more precise and fast.

In addition to being the safest cutting machine in the world, Audaces Neocut Bravo also helps the economy. With zero spacing between the patterns, the machine automatically defines the starting points of the cut, ensuring greater use of raw material and quality in the cut pieces.


 Audaces 360 

Audaces 360 multi solution is an innovative concept integrating the creative and productive steps of the fashion industry. A complete solution that seeks to generate more results, optimizing creative talent and resources through information and practicality.

In addition to assisting in the creation of clothing in 4D, it enables the development of high quality patterns and extreme precision and markings with surprising yield of fabrics. Audaces 360 multi solution integrates the systems:

Audaces Idea

With Audaces Idea it is possible to draw with specific features and create directly on a 3D mannequin.

Audaces 4D

Audaces 4D is responsible for approving garments for the next stages of production, creation of technical file, development of pattern making and pilot part. It also simulates parts in a 3D environment.

Audaces Pattern

Develop molds of high quality and extreme precision dynamically. The software also digitizes and extracts the pre-modeling done in the 4D tool.

Audaces Marker

Increase profitability by optimizing the use of the raw material, item of relevant weight in the cost of the parts. With Audaces Marker it is also possible to generate cut order report and calculate fabric consumption by color, facilitating the process of separating material for cutting.

Audaces Supera

Manage the processing of marking queues sent by one or more computers throughout the company, allowing the system and the operator to be free to perform other processes. This precise control enhances fabric utilization, saves process time, and optimizes business productivity.

Audaces Isa

Manage each of your collections step by step. This facility connects the entire company and allows its style teams to work focused on the development process to achieve greater assertiveness and increase brand profits.


Learn more about ITMA 2019

 The largest fair in the world of textile machinery has a structure in an exhibition area of 220 thousand square meters.



  • 19 exhibition sectors, with integrated solutions for the entire value chain
  • 120,000 visitors expected from 147 countries
  • Advanced technologies and machine demonstrations
  • Key decision makers, influencers and industry experts
  • 1,600 exhibitors, with manufacturers from 46 countries
  • Global insights and trends during the conference and in the forums


To learn more about Audaces solutions, visit our website and follow the publications of our blog.

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