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  • Viscose fabric is used for manufacturing various clothing items, especially light and fresh garments.
  • It usually fits very well, making it a popular choice for pants, skirts, and dresses.
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Everyone craves cool and comfortable clothes in the heat, right? You can say viscose fabric is the summer star when it comes to that!

Despite its synthetic origins, viscose fabric is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Its breathable properties make it ideal for garments that won’t overheat you on sweltering days.

It blends into any style and is present in a wide range of clothing items. Because of its popularity, we will delve into its qualities, advantages, and unique characteristics.

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What is viscose fabric and what is it used for?

Viscose fabric, a type of rayon, is made from cellulose fibers extracted from wood pulp and is popular for light clothing due to its breathable and comfortable qualities.

Despite its synthetic classification, viscose fabric traces its roots to nature. It is primarily produced from wood pulp remnants with low resin content or from cotton seed linters.

Viscose’s story in the fashion world began in the late 19th century, when it emerged as “artificial silk.”

The term “rayon” gained prominence in the 1920s, while “viscose” stems from the process of manufacturing a viscous liquid, initially organic, used to produce both rayon and cellophane.

Historical records indicate that the first instances of viscose textile production occurred in 1905 at the English factory Courtlaud’s.

What are the features of viscose fabric?

Viscose fabric often gets mistaken for linen due to their similarities. However, a key distinction lies in viscose’s superior elasticity and more regular fibers compared to linen, resulting in enhanced garment durability.

Despite its tendency to wrinkle easily due to its low resilience and lightweight nature, viscose remains one of the easiest fabrics to iron.

Viscose shares several characteristics with cotton and linen, including:

  • Excellent drape: the fabric’s fiber pattern ensures a flattering drape.
  • Coolness: its breathable properties make it an essential choice for spring and summer collections.
  • Washability: viscose garments don’t require elaborate washing instructions.
  • Versatility: the fabric’s malleability allows for various treatments, such as dyeing, adding shine, and other processes.
  • High water absorption: although, this property can lead to fiber shrinkage over time.
  • Easy ironing: despite its tendency to wrinkle, viscose is easy to iron.
  • Velvety touch: the fabric offers a luxurious and smooth hand feel.

Additionally, a significant advantage of viscose fabric is its cost-effectiveness. It is relatively more affordable than similar fabrics like cotton, linen, and even silk.

How to use viscose fabric in your fashion collection?

A fashion designer creating with viscose fabric.

Viscose fabric offers numerous possibilities to elevate your fashion collection. Find out how to incorporate it into your next developments:

Dresses and skirts

Viscose fabric is perfect for lightweight, flowing dresses and skirts, that embody the essence of summer. Its airy texture ensures a comfortable and stylish drape, making it perfect for warm weather.

Blouses and shirts

Viscose tops effortlessly transition from casual to formal looks. Their breathable nature keeps the wearer cool and comfortable, while their versatility allows for maintaining elegance.

Jumpsuits and rompers

These one-piece items combine style and practicality, offering a comfortable and stylish solution for those seeking effortless elegance.

Summer essentials

Viscose’s lightweight and breathable qualities make it an ideal choice for summer essentials. Shorts and lightweight tank tops made from viscose provide the perfect balance of comfort and style for warm days.

Prints and colors

Viscose readily embraces vibrant prints and colors, making it a versatile fabric for creating a diverse range of looks. From casual prints to sophisticated designs, viscose allows for creativity to flourish, ensuring your collection caters to different preferences.

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What is viscose fabric and what is it used for?

Viscose fabric, a type of rayon, is made from cellulose fibers extracted from wood pulp and is popular for light clothing due to its breathable and comfortable qualities.

What are the features of viscose fabric?

Excellent drape, coolness, washability, versatility, higher water absorption, easy ironing, and velvety touch.

How to use viscose fabric in your fashion collection?

In dresses and skirts, blouses and shirts, jumpsuits and rompers summer, essentials, and with prints and colors.

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