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A fashion subscription box offers a distinctive experience to subscribers by delivering clothing items tailored to their preferences and personal style.  

If you’re considering establishing your clothing subscription club, it’s essential to follow strategic steps that can make an impact on both your company and your customers.  

In this guide, we provide tips, showcase inspiring brands, and help you set up a fashion subscription box business.  

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What is a fashion subscription box?  

A fashion subscription box is a service provided by companies or brands that regularly deliver personalized clothing to subscribers, aligning with their unique preferences and personal style.  
Typically, subscribers fill out a profile detailing information about their fashion preferences, sizes, styles, colors, and other specific details. 

Using this collected data, the subscription club curates items such as clothing, accessories, or footwear and sends them according to the chosen frequency, be it monthly, quarterly, or as defined by the customer. 

Each delivery may feature a variety of items, providing subscribers with an element of surprise and the opportunity to explore new styles and brands they might not have encountered otherwise. 
Additionally, some subscription boxes offer the option for subscribers to purchase items at a discounted rate. 

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How to create a fashion subscription box service?  

Creating a fashion subscription box service involves several steps and considerations that demand careful analysis before embarking on your venture.  
Explore the step-by-step process within this niche: 

Research and analyze existing fashion subscription boxes to comprehend their offerings, business models, pricing structures, clothing types, user experiences, and other pertinent factors. 

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Define your niche

Select a specific niche for your fashion subscription box service, whether it’s high fashion, sustainable fashion, or tailored to a particular lifestyle or sizing category. 

Imagine the box experience 

Envision the user experience. Consider packaging aesthetics, potential surprises, gifts or customizations (e.g., giveaways, personalized cards, special discounts, unique scents) that align with your brand and resonate with your customers. 

Offer irresistible prices 

Set competitive and attractive prices compared to competitors. Explore pricing strategies, discounts for long-term subscriptions, and exclusive member benefits. 

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Diversify plan options

Cater to diverse customer needs and budgets by providing different subscription plans. Options may include monthly, quarterly, annual subscriptions, or plans with varying item quantities. 

Provide multiple shipping options 

Consider offering expedited shipping for customers seeking faster delivery, even if it involves an additional cost. Ensure reliable delivery services to uphold customer satisfaction. 

Create your own online store 

Develop a user-friendly website or online platform to manage subscriptions, facilitate customer profile customization, process payments, provide a virtual fitting room and oversee inventory. Intuitiveness and ease of use are paramount for a positive customer experience. 

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4 fashion subscription box services to inspire you  

Fashion subscription box: Woman sorting items of clothing for sale.

There are various fashion subscription box clubs to gain insights from. Understand their operations, and draw inspiration for creating your own. 

Stitch Fix 

Operating as an online personal styling service, Stitch Fix utilizes recommendation algorithms and data science to customize clothing items according to individual preferences, including size, budget, and style. 

 Established in 2011, it boasts over 1,000 high-quality brands and offers a diverse selection of sizes.  

It offers styled boxes for men, women, and kids, and lets you set a preferred price point between $25 and $500 per item. 


Fabletics is a global lifestyle brand that delivers men’s and women’s workout clothes suitable for both the gym and a full athleisure lifestyle.  

It operates as a monthly fitness and activewear membership service, providing the chance to explore a new collection each month.  

The brand features a special program enabling shoppers to become “VIP Members,” granting access to exclusive membership discounts and perks. 


Wantable is a try-before-you-buy online retailer and a personal styling service that sends high-quality clothing and accessories based on a user’s style profile.  

It features an extensive style quiz and provides access to dozens of on-trend brands for all occasions.  

Known for its remarkable variety, it allows the customer to choose from several box types, including athleisure, loungewear, and seasonal styles. 


Standing out as one of the best plus-size fashion subscription box services, Dia&Co. caters to sizes 14-32.  

A styling fee ensures your personalized box is expertly assembled. When the box arrives, you can buy what you like and return what you don’t.  

Tailoring to your convenience, you can choose the frequency of your style boxes – monthly, bimonthly, or a custom schedule.  

The flexibility extends to your subscription plan, allowing you to cancel or pause at any time. Enjoy the added benefit of free shipping for both delivery and returns. 

Boost your fashion subscription box service with Shape-U 

Shape-U introduces a powerful solution that enhances the customer experience in e-commerce, offering a range of notable benefits.  

It delivers personalized suggestions, simplifying the customer journey and expediting the search for desired products. 

A key advantage of Shape-U lies in its transparent accessibility to the recommendations provided.  

This enables customers to comprehend the logic behind system-generated suggestions, fostering trust not only in the store but also in the guidance offered. 

Furthermore, the system generates comprehensive informational reports that outline the performance of in-store recommendations.  

These reports provide insights into the profiles of website visitors, guiding the development of future collections and e-commerce strategies. 

With Shape-U, understanding the customer and enhancing the overall experience become essential pillars for the growth and success of online businesses. 

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What is a fashion subscription box? 

A fashion subscription box is a service provided by companies enabling subscribers to regularly receive clothing tailored to their preferences and personal style. 

How to create a fashion subscription box service? 

Analyze subscription club trends, define your niche, design your box, offer attractive prices, diversify plan options, provide multiple shipping choices, and establish your online store. 

What are some examples of fashion subscription boxes for inspiration? 

Some examples include Stitch Fix, Fabletics, Wantable, and Dia&Co. 

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