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How digital pattern works in the Audaces system

Digital modeling, in addition to bringing more quality to the manufacture, guarantees economy and sustainability, since it does not use paper. This is the future of fashion!


What are Invisible Costs and How to Eliminate them from Fashion Making

Find out why your company may be losing a lot of money!


How to create a successful 4D digital fashion design

Economy of materials, sustainability and agility for the approval of looks are just some of the countless advantages that fashion designers and designers from all over the world are discovering when creating their collections in three-dimensional drawings on the computer.


E-book 10 Practical strategies to leverage your business in the fashion market

We gathered in this super-complete e-book the incredible tips from expert Eduardo Cristian, partner, and director of Black West, who was a speaker at our digital event, Audaces ConnectiON Brasil 2020.


E-book Fashion tailoring Step by step to increase your production

Get the ways for your company to be more efficient and profitable!


Fabric types from A to Z

From Acrylic to Zibeline, check the applications of each fabric in the making of clothes.