Magazine | Fashion consumption trends until 2030

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Infographic | 4 ways to apply AI in your fashion manufacturing

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[E-book] 8 sustainability trends in the textile industry

Curious about the leading sustainability trends from 2024 onwards? Download your free copy and discover how to navigate challenges!

[E-book] Automated marking in apparel manufacturing

Explore how automated marking can generate savings and enhance productivity in apparel manufacturing. Download your free copy now!

[E-book] How Audaces360 drives digital apparel transformation

Discover how technology can propel your business to the future of fashion and the role Audaces360 plays in advancing global apparel manufacturing. Grab your free e-book!

[INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD] Delays in Fashion Collections

Delays in fashion collections can happen for several reasons, but some managerial practices can minimize losses. Want to know how? Download our free dashboard right now and get a complete guide!

[Whitepaper] How to sell a fashion collection and maximize results

Do you want to know how to sell your fashion collection and maximize results? In this material, you can check 6 unmissable tips. Download it now, it's FREE!

[E-book] How Fashion Flourished: 5 Stories of Italian Fashion Designers

Explore the history and style of Italian fashion icons in our free e-book, and download patterns inspired by their legendary creations. Check it out!