Infographic | 4 tips for a more productive apparel manufacturing
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Whitepaper | Step-by-step guide to creating a fashion collection board
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E-book | 10 Pattern making and marking challenges
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[E-book] 10 Practical strategies to leverage your business in the fashion market

We gathered in this super-complete e-book the incredible tips from expert Eduardo Cristian, partner, and director of Black West, who was a speaker at our digital event, Audaces ConnectiON Brasil 2020.

[E-book] Fabric types from A to Z

From Acrylic to Zibeline, discover the versatility of fabrics and how they can elevate your collection.

[E-book] What are Invisible Costs and How to Eliminate them from Fashion Making

You may not put it on the tip of the pencil, but in the process of making the clothes, the profits from your clothing will be lost in several unnecessary costs, caused by communication failures, rework and waste of materials.

[E-book] How digital pattern works in the Audaces system

Digital modeling, in addition to bringing more quality to the manufacture, guarantees economy and sustainability, since it does not use paper. This is the future of fashion!