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Discontinuance notice of versions 11 and 12 of Audaces Apparel

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Audaces in the use of its duties as a developer and owner of the copyrights of AUDACES APPAREL software VERSIONS 11 (eleven) and 12 (twelve), having stopped selling Audaces Apparel in versions 11 and 12, hereby announces that from 10th November 2018 it will officially and irrevocably discontinue the above mentioned versions of said software, thus terminating the technical support and training for these products.

Audaces makes available to all its customers and users technology and superior versions to the Audaces Apparel 11 and 12 software, which are already available in the market for purchase.

The act of discontinuation is covered by the Software Law, the Copyright Law, and the Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, and the International Copyrights Law. (EC) No 9609/98 art.8, L.9.910 / 98, art.7, XII c / c 24, I, VI, c / c 27, 28, 30 and 37 EC Software Directive of 14 May 1991 , 91/250 / EEC, published in the Official Journal of the EEC of 17/05/91, L122 / 42). It should be noted that the software AUDACES APPAREL is, and has always been owned by AUDACES, property right not transferable by its legal nature. Audaces makes available to customers and users only the LICENSE OF USE and it may at any time be revoked by the copyright holder. In addition to the license of use it does not transfer ownership, only authorize the use of the authorial and intellectual product of another, preventing the sale, transfer or donation to a third party, a situation already provided for in a specific Law and, even, in the usage agreement license.

In case of burning, loss, theft, or any kind of defect or damage in these supplies, AUDACES cannot in any way substitute or indemnify the user, since they are no longer produced, marketed and are totally discontinued. It is the sole responsibility of the user to choose not to update their version of the system and hardware.

The consumer’s right was fully guaranteed by the advertising and prior communication of the act of discontinuity. Due to the legal nature of the property in question and the specific Law, the discontinuation is fully feasible once it has previously been informed to the user, exactly as AUDACES has proceeded.

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