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  • If you wonder how to do technical drawings for fashion with perfection, bear in mind that it can help you optimize collections, bringing precision to each one of the pieces;
  • Technology is a great ally for those who want agility and better performance in the clothing manufacturing process, by using technical sketches;
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When we think of technical drawing for fashion design, several models drawn by hand come to mind – with lines, numbers, and measurements on the side – which come from colorful, full-of-life sketches, bringing beautiful looks.

These drawings, full of information, must be made with great care. The richest they are in detail, the better, as they present more certainty and reality to the clothing piece that will come from it.

Keep up with us to learn more about how to make perfect technical drawings for fashion and how they can optimize stylists’ work.

What is a fashion technical drawing?

Technical drawing (also known as technical flat or technical sketches) is a project that contains details, dimensions, proportions, and instructions about the clothing pieces – so that they are ready to be produced as soon as they leave the drawing board.

This drawing consists of a graphic, flat, two-dimensional representation with all the piece’s details. It is also used to illustrate the work on a technical sheet.

With it, traditionally, you have a flat view of the pieces, without being able to see them three-dimensionally. The technical drawing is based on geometry, so you can observe the pieces from the front, side, and back.

This type of drawing describes the piece as much as possible, so the final product gets the result imagined. That is, the characteristics help guide the professionals who are going to make it.

Some of them are made in scales, such as dimensions, identification of fabrics, prints, fits, pockets, linings, and threads of different types and thicknesses.

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Why is technical drawing important for fashion?

The technical drawing for fashion design is essential for bringing the correct representations, with all the imagined details for the piece and those presented in the sketch.

That is where the person in charge writes down all the measures, standards, and details with the maximum specifications possible. For example, it shows where each button must go, how the seams should be, what type of pocket, and the exact proportion, so that the production of each piece happens without errors.

The language must be standard, ensuring that there will be no communication flaws in the company. Furthermore, it must be well understood by all professionals involved in the process.

The technical drawing is very present in the clothing industry and, for this reason, has a crucial impact on the final piece.

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Technical drawing by hand 

Technical drawing by hand  

In a technical drawing by hand, you use a pencil directly on the paper. It is done on a flat surface, in a two-dimensional format, and brings the precise representation of the piece.

Technical sketches are known for standardization and appropriation of the rules of descriptive geometry, supporting the professional who will visualize the drawing and pass it on to the next production phase.

Technical drawing for fashion can go through three stages. The first one is the sketch, the freehand drawing that brings the style idea. It doesn’t follow the norms and has no defined scales but respects the proportions.

The second stage is preliminary: it’s when the drawing can still receive modifications, but it’s already adjusted to the norms. And the third stage, the definitive, corresponds to the final project – the one that will be executed.

Digital technical drawing

If there was a more convenient way to do a technical drawing, would you choose to do it manually?

Several software programs can help those who want to digitize their production and ease the complexity of technical drawing. They can make your production much faster, optimizing time to focus on other tasks.

Frequently used by graphic designers, this software is also common in the apparel industry to edit images and two-dimensional drawings.

But, although these tools help the technical drawings process, they are not the most indicated. Despite helping with the designs, they do not have many other advantages.

There are more sophisticated technologies that bring agility when it comes to making your technical drawing for fashion. If you are interested in knowing more about them, just keep reading!

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How to create a technical drawing with software?

If you want to create your technical drawings quickly, some software programs can be helpful! You only need to experiment and decide which one you prefer.

Learn how to create using them:

1) Lock the avatar

To start your technical drawing for fashion, you need a digital mannequin. A virtual dummy will help you at this point because you will draw on top of it. For this reason, it must be locked not to change its measurements and characteristics.

And to lock it is easy! Just select everything. If the dummy/avatar is not selected, then it’s already locked. If it is selected, click on “Lock Selection”.

2) Pay attention to dots and curves

It’s vital to know that, when doing a technical drawing for fashion, the fewer dots the piece has, the simpler it is to move and make curves.

To start, you must select the tool you use for the drawing: the pen. With it, you will make straight lines, and then you can adjust them to the model.

Make sure that the first and last dots meet perfectly, because only if they are tightly closed will it be possible to colorize the piece.

3) More agility in symmetrical pieces

If your pieces are symmetrical, your process can have much more agility.

You can draw in only one side, and then duplicate it. To do this, you select the drawing, then copy and paste it.

Later, just mirror it, and you’re done! After inverted, you just have to fit it on the dummy.

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Learn how to make technical drawings with Audaces technology

Learn how to make technical drawings with Audaces technology 

Are you curious about which software can help you out in this endeavor? Meet two programs that enhance your fashion creation process 100% digitally.

Audaces Fashion Studio

Audaces Fashion Studio was designed to facilitate the creative process and bring more agility to your company.

This modern technology gives you the freedom to work in a 3D virtual environment, which is very intuitive and easy to use.

One of the features Audaces Fashion Studio offers is the simulations of fits, textures, and other materials. You can even test the garment movements on hyper-realistic avatars, on an incredible digital runway!

Audaces Idea

For designers and stylists seeking an ideal solution out there: Audaces Idea can be the one for you!

This system has the best tools for technical drawings, such as an automatic pre-cost calculation, enabling better communication and correct and agile productions.

The technical drawing is essential for fashion, as it will support the modelers’ work and it’s a document that you will want to consult until the launch of the collection.

Technology can be an ally for those who need to carry out this work, making the activity more assertive.

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What is a fashion technical drawing?

Technical drawing is a project that contains details, dimensions, proportions, and instructions about the clothing pieces.

Why is technical drawing important for fashion?

The technical drawing for fashion design is essential for bringing the correct representations, with all the imagined details for the piece and those presented in the sketch.

What are the main types of technical drawings?

Technical drawing by hand and digital technical drawing.

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