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Audaces fashion software system options: Boost efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate quality.

Explore the best fashion software options for your company

Summary A robust fashion software system is indispensable for streamlining processes within the textile industry. Such software programs play a fundamental role in managing operations and elevating the quality of your output. If you’re contemplating the implementation of a garment

Close-up of taking measurements for new dress. Young fashion designer taking measurements for a wedding dress.

Explore clothing pattern making techniques for your production

Summary Clothing pattern making stands as a pivotal process in the realm of fashion collection creation. This stage marks the transition from conceptual ideas to tangible garments. To achieve the desired results, it’s imperative to choose the right patternmaking method

Illustration showcasing the process sewing darts: how to use them in for enhanced clothing fit and style.

Learn how to use sewing darts in clothing manufacturing

Summary When talking about patternmaking, the focus shifts to body types and biotypes. Sewing darts assume a pivotal role for those aspiring to craft high-quality garments that boast an impeccable fit. Dispelling the notion that darts merely cinch excess fabric,

A fashionable purse showcasing the application of bonded fabric for enhanced durability and elegance.

What is bonded fabric and how to apply it in your production?

Summary Bonded fabric is the result of a technique that is gaining popularity worldwide. It involves fusing two fabrics using an adhesive process, imparting enhanced durability and sophistication to the final product. Are you interested in exploring this procedure further?

Menswear: How to leverage technology to maximize your production

Discover how can technology revolutionize menswear production

Summary When it comes to menswear, we might sometimes underestimate its market potential. However, this niche has been experiencing consistent growth, proving that it holds a prominent position and boasts even more promise than we may imagine. It’s evident that

Find out which are the best types of fabrics for sublimation.

Discover the best types of fabric for sublimation printing

Summary:  When it comes to printing techniques, sublimation is one of the many options available. To utilize this method in the best way, the fabrics used must contain polyester. This is because polyester facilitates the ink’s adherence to the fabric,