Exclusive, high quality custom cuts.

High quality custom design
on an industrial scale!

Audaces Neocut SL is a machine that cuts a wide variety of clothing
designs and other flexible materials, continuously feeding a super-fast and
economical production.

Why choose Neocut SL?

Check the advantages of using Audaces Neocut SL

More than 30% reduction in product launch time

Real-time product monitoring

Centralization of data in a collaborative environment.

Online storage for all product files

Secure file storage in the cloud

Access online from anywhere, anytime, including mobile

Complete and dynamic reports for decision making


Audaces Neocut SL


one layer cutting machine


continuously rotating circular blade

Cutting window:

160 cm x 250 cm / 180 cm x 250 cm / ask us for other sizes

Electrical specification:



ethernet / wireless

Maximum cutting speed:

75 m/min


lesser than 80 dB

Average energy consumption:

11,5 kW

Approximated weight:

780 kg

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