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Get excellent marker that makes the most of the fabric.

The raw material has a significant weight in the cost of a part, and optimizing this feature is critical to achieve profitability on a large scale. Saving time can mean meeting delivery deadlines and increasing the speed of marketing of collections.
Audaces 360 has plug-in options that save time and raw materials by managing and processing marking queues sent by one or more computers. Saving centimeters of fabric turn into meters of profit.


See the advantages for those who use Audaces Marker:

Practicality and Speed

Get automatic markers and enjoy the optimization on fabric consumption.

Automatic nesting with digital printing

Personalize your production by filling the patterns with stamps for digital printing on fabric. Save time and raw material! Position the stamps over the patterns and print only inside the patterns that are automatically nested with precision and maximum efficiency.

Fast return on the investment

Centimetres of fabric saving becomes meters of profit.

Efficiency is the goal and productivity is the result

The results allow the analyses for decision taking on planning and optimization of the production.

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