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The most complete solution in systems for the fashion industry.

We are Audacious

That's why we created Audaces 360, an innovative concept of integrating the creation and production steps for you to achieve the success of your collection. A complete solution for you to generate more results, optimizing creative talent and resources through information and practicality. In fashion, whole company has a great challenge: to be assertive in design and profitable in production. Audaces 360 is the ultimate platform you need for your business to meet and exceed this challenge.

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Audaces 360

Numerous possibilities


Now the power to transform fashion is in your hands.

You can unleash your imagination that Audaces 360 gives you all the support you need to creatively and economically target your collections. Create incredible clothes and be sure of the technical feasibility of performance, even before development or going into production, thanks to the integration of steps. See in detail the Audaces 360 solutions for fashion design:



Your development of patterns in the digital era.

Multiply your productivity and reduce costs with Audaces 360 solutions to develop high quality, precision molds, regardless of complexity. It begins here, the guarantee of an exquisite execution of your collection.


Integration is the concept, efficiency is the goal and productivity is the result.

The Audaces 360 integration with Audaces equipment is in line with industry 4.0 concepts. It already provides data that allows analysis of efficiency, decision-making and production planning. The result is increased productivity, also in the production stage of the collection.

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