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Use of COOKIES Notice

We at A AUDACES AUTOMAÇÃO E INFORMÁTICA LTDA. acknowledge the importance of privacy and are seriously engaged to personal data protection. For this reason, we are committed to make use of cookies on the only purpose of managing access and use to our website and to offer products and services of your immediate interest, or that we believe might be of it.

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small archive installed into your web browser when you visit our website. This text archive is then stored in your computer where it will be accessible by our servers in order to collect information that will allow us to improve the user e navigation experience in our platforms, channels and website. These cookies do not collect any kind of information or data stored in your personal ou business computer.

How and Why we use Cookies?

When you visit our website we deploy cookies so that we manage to automatically collect the
following data:

(i) technical information as the kind of equipment you use, the operational system you work with, the web browser and your IP address. This data is solely used to statistical purposes and to improve the navigation experience in our web channels;

(ii) information on the navigating experience in our website, as for the visited pages, visualized products and services, time of visualization, external links that drove you to our website, among others. These informations ate solely used on the purpose to improve the layout and structure of our websites and to the eventual offering of our products and services;

(iii) data about your personal browsing preferences, as language and country of access, which we solely use on the purpose to adopt these preferences as a pattern to each of your next visits to our platforms.

Third Party Cookies

It is possible that third party content might be published into our websites and channels, as for example, video, images, articles, essays and researches, linked to social media services like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Medium, Youtube, Itunes, and others. By accessing this third party content, it is probable that third party cookies are also installed into your device. We at AUDACES do not have any kind of managing or control over the use, objectives and operation of these cookies. We strongly suggest that you get to know the Privacy Policy and/or the Cookie Notice of these third party content providers.

AUDACES also provides the possibility of sharing our pages or website content into third party platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp, and Twitter, among others. These third parties might as well install cookies when you access those services. AUDACES has no management or control over the use, purpose and operation of these cookies. We strongly suggest that you get to know the Privacy Policy and/or the Cookie Notice of these third party content providers.

Cookies Control and Limitations

Cookie use consent are obtained when you first access our website. The authorizations might be changed according to your privacy preferences in your web browser or simply refused. We hereby advert, however, that by blocking some or all of the cookies might result in functionality loss or access restriction into sections of our website.

Updated: July 30 th , 2019.