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Planning, management and control of the Cutting Room 4.0 with more certainty.

Audaces ICF connects people and equipment of your cutting room. It is the evolution of the industry 4.0 bringing the ideal solution for the planning and management of layers and cuts. In the ICF the manager receives the orders for parts to be produced, scheduling the cutting orders with the number of layer sets, layers, cuts and amount of fabric that will be needed to cut the parts. The ICF monitors and alerts if there is any difference between what was planned and carried out.

The real-time monitoring of the production status of each cutting plan allows immediate decisions to be taken to act in critical situations that may lead to a loss of productivity: as in cases of defective fabrics, larger or smaller rolls than reported, etc. If there is a difference in a layer set, generating smaller parts than planned, for example, it is possible to prioritize the generation of a new marker / layer set to fill the missing quantity.

Audaces ICF
Intelligent Cutting Flow

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Audaces ICF

Intelligent Cutting Flow

Veja as 6 grandes vantagens para quem utiliza a máquina de corte industrial têxtil Audaces

1. Layer maker - 100% connected

connectedThe layer maker receives information directly from the layering machine in order to prioritize which rolls to use, and other information necessary to perform its task. If they find a defective roll, for example, they will immediately inform this situation to the cutting room manager. The splicing points appear directly on the layering screen, so adjustments can be made quickly and accurately. The result is more efficiency and quality in the layers.

2. Labeling - safe identification of the pieces cut

The labeling system ensures the correct identification of the cut pieces quickly and simply at the cutting machine. The labels are glued directly to the cut fabric and have varied information such as pattern name, size, lot, customer, variants, whether it has a print or embroidery or other finish, etc. Information can be configured according to each user's standard.

3. Separation - guarantee of efficiency in the stages after the cut

The correct identification of the packages of cut parts is made clear and simplified, making the process of separation and forwarding to the next steps much more efficient and safe.

4. Efficiency - reduction of production time.

The assertiveness of your production increases, because the information starts to flow digitally, reducing the insertion of handwritten information and minimizing the human error that generates rework. With ICF, all the people in charge can follow the whole process of the cutting room, from the creation of the markers until the separation, through information in real time allowing for immediate decisions. The elimination of plotting and the correct identification of the parts after the cut promotes a cumulative gain of time, increasing the performance of the entire production line.

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