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Do more and better in less time with the automatic fabric spreading machine.

Audaces Linea automatic spreader accelerates the production and marketing of your products. Schedule multiple same-day cuttings with simple touches on the machine's touch screen. Your company will gain dynamism and autonomy and raise the standard of products.


See the advantages for those who use Audaces Linea:

Tension control

Fabric layers are made without the fabrics (or other materials) undergoing stress. The machine is parameterized according to each material, ensuring quality in the finished part.

Fabric layers quality

The brilliance of Audaces Idea accounts the measurements and quantity of sheets established for each spread. If any fault is detected on the fabric, it is possible to interrupt the process and resume the spread from starting point or from where left off.

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Audaces Linea

Largura útil de trabalho:

versões para até 180 e 220 cm

Diâmetro máximo do rolo

70 cm

Peso máximo do rolo:

versões para até 50 e 100 kg

Altura enfesto ímpar:

22 cm

Altura enfesto zigue-zague:


Velocidade máxima:

100 m/min

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