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Plan and create your collection efficiently: Meet the new Collection Manager, the Audaces Isa!

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Putting a new collection on the market is a challenge for garment makers. The process of creation and development involves the work of professionals from different areas and numerous steps until the product is finally ready to reach the consumer . Thus, having a systemic view of this entire process in the creation and development phases is essential to ensure the profitability of a collection.

Have you stopped to think about how these tasks are carried out in your company? Do managers, for example, know the exact status of each model when asked about it? This is one of the questions that the new Collections Manager, Audaces ISA, helps to answer. The solution enables much more assertive planning and management because it provides accurate and up-to-date information on the progress of each step.

See how Audaces ISA helps to improve garment efficiency

How many times, at the moment of taking the photographs to the catalog of a new collection, the pieces are still not ready and no one can say with exactness at what moment of creation / development they meet?

What confection has never experienced the experience of having two designers working on the same or very similar models? And the worst of this is that it is very common for these problems to be identified only at the collection approval meeting. This late diagnosis creates unnecessary spending and wastage for companies.

Whenever there is rework, loss of team time or additional expenditure of raw material we have the so-called costsinvisible. Normally, as they are already considered work routines, they go unnoticed in the analysis of process improvement and reduction of costs that can be made by the confections.

With ISA – Audacious Collection Manager this does not happen, because the manager starts to have an overview of the progress of the production process . From a simple interface, the system shows all the steps of the new collection, which are now accompanied by all the managers of the company in real time.

This innovative feature of Audaces ISA contributes to anticipating risk and streamlines decision making. Using this solution, managers can quickly see if there are delays in product launching, and so plan corrective actions such as resizing the collection.

Audaces ISA is a tool of Audaces 360 and was created with the aim of connecting all the applications of this technology, further increasing the efficiency of Audaces multisolution.

How Audaces ISA works in practice

In addition to providing valuable information to product managers and their teams, Audaces ISA is also very easy to use. At the beginning of each collection, the person in charge of the project inserts data as the beginning and end of the works, how many items will have to be developed, how much the company wants to spend and how much to invoice.

Based on what was initially provided and as the files are being inserted into the platform, the system reports whether everything is planned or if there are problems with excess delays or overhead. Audaces ISA also helps you visualize how much each line represents in the collection.

Let’s suppose you have defined that your basic line should not exceed 5% of the parts produced. With the system that is part of the multisolution Audaces 360, you can quickly see how this evolution is and can reshape the creation of the garments.

Another important feature of Audaces ISA is that it keeps track of the work done. That is, when you are going to create a new collection. It can be based on the previous collections, and you can even reuse the previously made and approved garments.

Besides all this, the resources offered by the tool help to improve the communication between the different sectors of the confection. The reflexes are also perceived in the engagement of the team, since each professional will know exactly how is the progress of work. The collection strategy.

With Audaces’ new solution, your business will gain in organization, management and assertiveness. Take advantage of other Audaces 360 features .

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