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A reference in technological innovation worldwide, with more than 20 solutions developed for the fashion market.

Audaces is a world reference in technological innovation for fashion, developing solutions for the industry of the sector for more than 25 years. Present in more than 70 countries, it is the market leader in Latin America, with a 70% market share. At the beginning of this year, it started to count on a factory in Italy, dedicated to the assembly of machines for Europe. Today, more than 30,000 fashion professionals use Audaces products daily. Audaces' mission is to innovate from the development of affordable solutions, ensuring the rapid deployment of technology in companies of all sizes.

Our goal is to help your company produce more and better.

Regardless of the segment of performance, size or geographic location, with Audaces solutions your company can increase productivity, improve product quality and save resources.

The future belongs to those who innovate every day, who venture into new businesses. This is what Audaces believes, this is the reason for its existence

Claudio Grando

President of Audaces


Finalist in MAKE Award Brazil

Innovation Award, IMB - Germany, with Audaces Tower Jet

Highlight as one of the 10 biggest innovations of Brazil, of the last decade, in the VII Conference of Anpei

National Award for Innovative Entrepreneurship, promoted by Anprotec, Sebrae, CNI, CNPq, FINEP, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Innovation Award, IMB - Germany, with Audaces Digiflash

Perfect Sewing of Products and Services Award for the Best Plotting software category.