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Important notice: discontinuation of the plotters Audaces

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Audaces announces the discontinuation of the following product parts and supplies: PLOTTERS Audaces Jet Slim, Audaces Jet Ultra, Audaces Tower Jet, Audaces Jet Compact, and Audaces Jet Standard.

Audaces, in the exercise of its powers as a developer and owner of the copyrights of plotters products Audaces Jet Slim, Audaces Jet Ultra, Audaces Tower Jet, Audaces Jet Compact, and Audaces Jet Standard, hereby announces that 90 days from now, that is, starting on March 15, 2014, it will officially and fully discontinue the versions of these products, their entire equipment production line that has already been discontinued in 2008 and now a line of parts and supplies, terminating any type of service provided by the company in terms of Support, Installation or Training for these products, since Audaces offers in the marketplace newer, superior technology versions and models, and has also offered upgrade and renovation opportunities to all users.

This Notice applies to the following products and versions:

  • plotters Audaces Jet Slim;
  • plotters Audaces Jet Ultra;
  • plotters Audaces Tower Jet;
  • plotters Audaces Jet Compact;
  • plotters Audaces Jet Standard.

We are happy to answer any questions by email:

Product Management Audaces

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