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How Audaces 360 multisolution contributes to digital fashion

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Industry 4.0 allowed brands to diversify their strategies to attract the attention of their target audience, especially the younger ones, using technological resources. One of the most recent examples is the virtual models, designed by computer programs, which are starting to star in brand campaigns all over the world. English photographer Cameron-James Wilson is the name behind this concept and was responsible for creating Shudu, the first mannequin built entirely in this format for digital fashion.

Computer models are yet another proof of how technology has transformed the fashion universe, helping to modernize, even, the manufacturing process. With the Audaces 360 multisolution, for example, clothing companies are much more agile and assertive in the development of their collections. The multiple functionalities of the multisolution offer agility in the production of the pieces and allow consumers to personalize their orders, contributing to the diversification of the clothing offer – all this working with reduced stock, one of the factors that help to eliminate costs and increase profit.

Industry 4.0 and the creation of digital fashion

With the popularization of Industry 4.0 and the greater intelligence of machines, innovations linked to digital fashion, such as Cameron-James Wilson’s virtual models, will become increasingly common. Attentive to this movement, Audaces has been developing a series of solutions based on what is most modern in the textile and clothing industry. Many of these tools are part of the Audaces 360 multisolution, one of the most complete on the market.

The technology developed by Audaces integrates all the processes of the fashion value chain, from planning the collection to cutting the pieces, using tools aimed at reducing costs and accelerating processes.
One of the main differentials of this solution is that it provides a systemic view of the entire production process, working with tools complementary to each other. Thus, each stage feeds the next one with reliable and real-time information, ensuring faster and more assertive decision-making.

Among the many innovative features of the Audaces 360 multisolution, we can highlight the creation of the design in 4D. Thanks to 4DAlize technology, a pioneer in the market, the models are developed directly on the computer, already with real dimensions. That is, in a few clicks the stylist can see the result of his creativity. This is the same method used in the manufacture of clothes used by digital models that lead the digital fashion process today.

Thus, the visualization of the models created in Audaces 4D is guaranteed from the first moment, without the need to produce numerous pilot parts, which would generate costs and rework.
As the development of the new model is carried out on a three-dimensional mannequin, refining the creations is much simpler and faster. In addition, another advantage of this solution is that each drawing generates an automated and quite complete technical file, favoring communication between the stylist and the model maker.

Learn more about the Audaces 360 multisolution

Following in the footsteps of digital fashion, Audaces sought to create the most modern tools on the market to launch its virtual fitting room, which is also part of the Audaces 360 portfolio of solutions. This is one of the main trends in the fashion universe and has been implemented by various brands in different countries.
With the virtual fitting room, through a kind of electronic mirror, the consumer can see how a certain model looks on his body without necessarily trying it out.

Although it is a product closely associated with retail, the technology of the virtual fitting room also generates benefits for clothing manufacturers. The solution is based on the use of a virtual sketch, which allows fashion professionals to visualize models created in real sizes and depths. Thus, adjustments are made in a digital environment, reducing the approval time of a pilot part and the pilot phase.

The technologies of Industry 4.0 are always present in the products developed by Audaces, contributing to the advancement of digital fashion. In addition to the possibility of creating in 4D and the virtual fitting room, the Audaces 360 multisolution also has several features that facilitate the molding and fitting steps, not to mention cutting with the maximum use of the fabric.

As an integrator of this process, managers have at their disposal the Audaces Isa Collection Manager, which provides up-to-date and accurate information on the status of each phase of production, helping to control the entire cycle.
Are you interested in knowing all that the Audaces 360 multisolution can do for your production? So keep following our blog or contact our team of experts!

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